Path Of Exile Character & Stash Management Tool
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Path Of Exile Character & Stash Management Tool

Procurement is a Windows application for the online game Path Of Exile, that logs in to the forum and downloads your characters/stash. From there you can:

  • Search/filter your stash/tabs for gear/items
  • Search for gear based on item stats
  • Show where items are in your stash, that form part of vendor recipes
  • View your characters/gear
  • Oneclick generate forum trade posts that you can copy&paste into a trade post, which will have all your gear linked, verified and categorised in spoiler tags.
  • Customise how your shop thread gets generated
  • Breakdown of your currency with Chaos total (Ratios configurable)
  • Everything is cached and can be viewed offline after you've logged in once
  • Single tab refreshing (if logged in)
  • Search your stash for vendor recipe components