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using System.ComponentModel;
using System.Diagnostics;
using System.Diagnostics.Contracts;
namespace Strilanc.Value {
///A non-generic lack-of-value type, equivalent to generic likes like lack-of-int.
///Use Strilanc.Value.May.NoValue to get an instance.
///Note: All forms of no value are equal, including May.NoValue, May&lt;T&gt;.NoValue, May&lt;AnyOtherT&gt;.NoValue, default(May&lt;T&gt;) and new May&lt;T&gt;().
///Note: Null is NOT equivalent to new May&lt;object&gt;(null) and neither is equivalent to new May&lt;string&gt;(null).
public struct MayNoValue : IMayHaveValue {
///<summary>Determines if this potential value contains a value or not (it doesn't).</summary>
public bool HasValue { get { return false; } }
///<summary>Returns the hash code for a lack of potential value.</summary>
public override int GetHashCode() {
return 0;
///<summary>Determines if the given potential value contains no value.</summary>
public bool Equals(IMayHaveValue other) {
return other != null && !other.HasValue;
///<summary>Determines if the given object is a potential value containing no value.</summary>
public override bool Equals(object obj) {
return Equals(obj as IMayHaveValue);
///<summary>Determines if two lack of values are equal (they are).</summary>
public static bool operator ==(MayNoValue noValue1, MayNoValue noValue2) {
return true;
///<summary>Determines if two lack of values are not equal (they're not).</summary>
public static bool operator !=(MayNoValue noValue1, MayNoValue noValue2) {
return false;
///<summary>Returns a string representation of this lack of value.</summary>
public override string ToString() {
return "No Value";