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# -*- coding: UTF-8 -*-
# pyline: disable=todo
"""SublimeHaskell autocompletion support."""
import re
import sublime
import sublime_plugin
import time
if int(sublime.version()) < 3000:
import sublime_haskell_common as Common
import internals.logging as Logging
import internals.locked_object as LockedObject
import internals.settings as Settings
import internals.utils as Utils
from hdevtools import start_hdevtools, stop_hdevtools
import ghci_backend as GHCIMod
import hsdev
from worker import run_async
import SublimeHaskell.sublime_haskell_common as Common
import SublimeHaskell.internals.logging as Logging
import SublimeHaskell.internals.locked_object as LockedObject
import SublimeHaskell.internals.settings as Settings
import SublimeHaskell.internals.utils as Utils
from SublimeHaskell.hdevtools import start_hdevtools, stop_hdevtools
import SublimeHaskell.ghci_backend as GHCIMod
import SublimeHaskell.hsdev as hsdev
from SublimeHaskell.worker import run_async
# Checks if we are in a LANGUAGE pragma.
LANGUAGE_RE = re.compile(r'.*{-#\s+LANGUAGE.*')
# Checks if we are in OPTIONS_GHC pragma
OPTIONS_GHC_RE = re.compile(r'.*{-#\s+OPTIONS_GHC.*')
# Checks if we are in an import statement.
IMPORT_RE = re.compile(r'.*import(\s+qualified)?\s+')
IMPORT_RE_PREFIX = re.compile(r'^\s*import(\s+qualified)?\s+([\w\d\.]*)$')
IMPORT_QUALIFIED_POSSIBLE_RE = re.compile(r'.*import\s+(?P<qualifiedprefix>\S*)$')
# Checks if a word contains only alhanums, -, and _, and dot
NO_SPECIAL_CHARS_RE = re.compile(r'^(\w|[\-\.])*$')
# Export module
EXPORT_MODULE_RE = re.compile(r'\bmodule\s+[\w\d\.]*$')
# Gets available LANGUAGE options and import modules from ghc-mod
def get_language_pragmas():
if Settings.get_setting_async('enable_hsdev'):
return hsdev.client.langs()
elif Settings.get_setting_async('enable_ghc_mod'):
return GHCIMod.call_ghcmod_and_wait(['lang']).splitlines()
return []
def get_flags_pragmas():
if Settings.get_setting_async('enable_hsdev'):
return hsdev.client.flags()
elif Settings.get_setting_async('enable_ghc_mod'):
return GHCIMod.call_ghcmod_and_wait(['flag']).splitlines()
return []
def sort_completions(comps):
comps.sort(key=lambda k: k[0])
def sorted_completions(comps):
return list(set(comps)) # unique + sort
def make_completions(suggestions):
return sorted_completions([s.suggest() for s in suggestions or []])
def make_locations(comps):
return sorted([[s.brief(), s.get_source_location()] for s in comps if s.has_source_location()],
key=lambda k: k[0])
class CompletionCache(object):
def __init__(self):
self.files = {}
self.cabal = []
self.sources = []
self.global_comps = []
def set_files(self, filename, comps):
self.files[filename] = comps
def set_cabal(self, comps):
self.cabal = comps
self.global_comps = sorted_completions(self.cabal + self.sources)
def set_sources(self, comps):
self.sources = comps
self.global_comps = sorted_completions(self.cabal + self.sources)
def set_locs(self, locs):
self.source_locs = locs
def global_completions(self):
return self.global_comps
# Autocompletion data
class AutoCompletion(object):
"""Information for completion"""
def __init__(self):
self.language_pragmas = []
self.flags_pragmas = []
# cabal name => set of modules, where cabal name is 'cabal' for cabal or sandbox path
# for cabal-devs
self.module_completions = LockedObject.LockedObject({})
# keywords
# TODO: keywords can't appear anywhere, we can suggest in right places
self.keyword_completions = list(map(
lambda k: (k + '\tkeyword', k),
['do', 'case', 'of', 'let', 'in', 'data', 'instance', 'type', 'newtype', 'where',
'deriving', 'import', 'module']))
self.current_filename = None
# filename ⇒ preloaded completions + None ⇒ all completions
self.cache = LockedObject.LockedObject(CompletionCache())
self.wide_completion = None
def mark_wide_completion(self, view):
self.wide_completion = view
def get_completions_async(self, file_name=None):
def log_result(r):
Logging.log('completions: {0}'.format(len(r or [])), Logging.LOG_TRACE)
return r or []
none_comps = []
update_cabal = False
update_sources = False
with self.cache as cache_:
if file_name in cache_.files:
return log_result(cache_.files.get(file_name, []))
update_cabal = not cache_.cabal
update_sources = not cache_.sources
if update_cabal:
if update_sources:
with self.cache as cache_:
none_comps = cache_.global_completions()
import_names = []
comps = none_comps
if file_name is None:
return log_result(none_comps)
Logging.log('preparing completions for {0}'.format(file_name), Logging.LOG_DEBUG)
current_module = Utils.head_of(hsdev.client_back.module(file=file_name))
if current_module:
comps = make_completions(
hsdev.client_back.complete('', file_name, timeout=None))
# Get import names
# Note, that if module imported with 'as', then it can be used only with its synonym
# instead of full name
import_names.extend([('{0}\tmodule {1}'.format(i.import_as, i.module), i.import_as)
for i in current_module.imports if i.import_as])
import_names.extend([('{0}\tmodule'.format(i.module), i.module)
for i in current_module.imports if not i.import_as])
with self.cache as cache_:
cache_.files[file_name] = comps
return log_result(cache_.files[file_name])
def drop_completions_async(self, file_name=None):
Logging.log('drop prepared completions')
with self.cache as cache_:
if file_name is None:
elif file_name in cache_.files:
del cache_.files[file_name]
def update_cabal_completions(self):
def update_sources_completions(self):
def init_completions_async(self):
window = sublime.active_window()
if window:
view = window.active_view()
if view and Common.is_haskell_source(view):
filename = view.file_name()
if filename:
def get_completions(self, view, prefix, locations):
"Get all the completions that related to the current file."
current_file_name = view.file_name()
if not current_file_name:
return []
self.current_filename = current_file_name
line_contents = Common.get_line_contents(view, locations[0])
qsymbol = Common.get_qualified_symbol(line_contents)
qualified_prefix = qsymbol.qualified_name()
suggestions = []
wide = self.wide_completion == view
if wide: # Drop wide
self.wide_completion = None
if qsymbol.module:
current_module = Utils.head_of(hsdev.client.module(file=current_file_name))
current_project = None
if current_module:
current_project = current_module.location.project
if qsymbol.is_import_list:
if current_project:
# Search for declarations of qsymbol.module within current project
q_module = Utils.head_of(hsdev.client.scope_modules(file=current_file_name,
if q_module.by_source():
proj_module = hsdev.client.resolve(file=q_module.location.filename,
if proj_module:
suggestions = proj_module.declarations.values()
elif q_module.by_cabal():
cabal_module = Utils.head_of(hsdev.client.module(,
if cabal_module:
suggestions = cabal_module.declarations.values()
suggestions = hsdev.client.complete(qualified_prefix, current_file_name, wide=wide)
return self.keyword_completions + make_completions(suggestions)
with self.cache as cache_:
if wide:
return self.keyword_completions + cache_.global_completions()
return self.keyword_completions + cache_.files.get(current_file_name,
def completions_for_module(self, module, filename=None):
Returns completions for module
if not module:
return []
ms = []
if filename:
ms = hsdev.client.scope_modules(filename, input=module, search_type='exact')
m = Utils.head_of(hsdev.client.module(input=module,
file=ms[0].location.filename if ms and ms[0].by_source() else None,
db=ms[0].location.db if ms and ms[0].by_cabal() else None,
package=ms[0] if ms and ms[0].by_cabal() else None))
if not m:
return []
return make_completions(m.declarations.values())
def completions_for(self, module_name, filename=None):
Returns completions for module
return self.completions_for_module(module_name, filename)
def get_import_completions(self, view, prefix, locations):
self.current_filename = view.file_name()
line_contents = Common.get_line_contents(view, locations[0])
# Autocompletion for import statements
if Settings.get_setting('auto_complete_imports'):
match_import_list =
if match_import_list:
module_name ='module')
import_list_completions = []
import_list_completions.extend(self.completions_for(module_name, self.current_filename))
return import_list_completions
match_import = IMPORT_RE_PREFIX.match(line_contents)
if match_import:
(qualified, pref) = match_import.groups()
import_completions = self.get_module_completions_for(pref)
# Right after "import "? Propose "qualified" as well!
qualified_match = IMPORT_QUALIFIED_POSSIBLE_RE.match(line_contents)
if qualified_match:
qualified_prefix ='qualifiedprefix')
if qualified_prefix == "" or "qualified".startswith(qualified_prefix):
import_completions.insert(0, (u"qualified", "qualified "))
return list(set(import_completions))
return []
def get_special_completions(self, view, prefix, locations):
# Contents of the current line up to the cursor
line_contents = Common.get_line_contents(view, locations[0])
# Autocompletion for LANGUAGE pragmas
if Settings.get_setting('auto_complete_language_pragmas'):
# TODO handle multiple selections
match_language = LANGUAGE_RE.match(line_contents)
if match_language:
if not self.language_pragmas:
self.language_pragmas = get_language_pragmas()
return [(Utils.to_unicode(c),) * 2 for c in self.language_pragmas]
match_options = OPTIONS_GHC_RE.match(line_contents)
if match_options:
if not self.flags_pragmas:
self.flags_pragmas = get_flags_pragmas()
return [(Utils.to_unicode(c),) * 2 for c in self.flags_pragmas]
return []
def get_module_completions_for(self, qualified_prefix, modules=None, current_dir=None):
def module_next_name(mname):
Returns next name for prefix
pref = Control.Con, mname = Control.Concurrent.MVar, result = Concurrent.MVar
suffix = mname.split('.')[(len(qualified_prefix.split('.')) - 1):]
# Sublime replaces full module name with suffix, if it contains no dots?
return suffix[0]
module_list = modules if modules else self.get_current_module_completions(current_dir=current_dir)
return list(set((module_next_name(m) + '\tmodule', module_next_name(m))
for m in module_list if m.startswith(qualified_prefix)))
def get_current_module_completions(self, current_dir=None):
Get modules, that are in scope of file/project
In case of file we just return 'scope modules' result
In case of dir we look for a related project or sandbox:
project - get dependent modules
sandbox - get sandbox modules
if self.current_filename:
return set([ for m in hsdev.client.scope_modules(self.current_filename)])
elif current_dir:
proj = hsdev.client.project(path=current_dir)
if proj and 'path' in proj:
return set([ for m in hsdev.client.list_modules(deps=proj['path'])])
sbox = hsdev.client.sandbox(path=current_dir)
if sbox and type(sbox) == dict and 'sandbox' in sbox:
sbox = sbox.get('sandbox')
if sbox:
mods = hsdev.client.list_modules(sandbox=sbox) or []
return set([ for m in mods])
mods = hsdev.client.list_modules(cabal=True) or []
return set([ for m in mods])
autocompletion = AutoCompletion()
def can_complete_qualified_symbol(info):
Helper function, returns whether sublime_haskell_complete can run for (module, symbol, is_import_list)
if not info.module:
return False
if info.is_import_list:
return info.module in autocompletion.get_current_module_completions()
return list(filter(lambda m: m.startswith(info.module), autocompletion.get_current_module_completions())) != []
def update_completions_async(files=[], drop_all=False):
if drop_all:
run_async('drop all completions', autocompletion.drop_completions_async)
for f in files:
run_async('drop completions', autocompletion.drop_completions_async, f)
run_async('init completions', autocompletion.init_completions_async)
class SublimeHaskellAutocomplete(sublime_plugin.EventListener):
def __init__(self):
self.project_file_name = None
def on_query_completions(self, view, prefix, locations):
if not Common.is_haskell_source(view):
return []
begin_time = time.clock()
# Only suggest symbols if the current file is part of a Cabal project.
completions = (autocompletion.get_import_completions(view, prefix, locations) +
autocompletion.get_special_completions(view, prefix, locations))
# Export list
if 'meta.declaration.exports.haskell' in view.scope_name(view.sel()[0].a):
line_contents = Common.get_line_contents(view, locations[0])
export_module =
if export_module:
# qsymbol = Common.get_qualified_symbol_at_region(view, view.sel()[0])
# TODO: Implement
if not completions:
completions = autocompletion.get_completions(view, prefix, locations)
end_time = time.clock()
Logging.log('time to get completions: {0} seconds'.format(end_time - begin_time), Logging.LOG_DEBUG)
# Don't put completions with special characters (?, !, ==, etc.)
# into completion because that wipes all default Sublime completions:
# See
# TODO: work around this
# comp = [c for c in completions if NO_SPECIAL_CHARS_RE.match(c[0].split('\t')[0])]
# if Settings.get_setting('inhibit_completions') and len(comp) != 0:
# return comp
if Settings.get_setting('inhibit_completions') and len(completions) != 0:
return completions
def set_cabal_status(self, view):
filename = view.file_name()
if filename:
(cabal_dir, project_name) = Common.get_cabal_project_dir_and_name_of_file(filename)
if project_name:
# TODO: Set some useful status instead of this
view.set_status('sublime_haskell_cabal', '{0}: {1}'.format('cabal', project_name))
def on_activated_async(self, view):
if Common.is_haskell_source(view):
filename = view.file_name()
if filename:
run_async('get completions for {0}'.format(filename), autocompletion.get_completions_async, filename)
def on_new(self, view):
if Common.is_inspected_source(view):
filename = view.file_name()
if filename:
def on_load(self, view):
if Common.is_inspected_source(view):
filename = view.file_name()
if filename:
def on_activated(self, view):
window = view.window()
if window:
if int(sublime.version()) < 3000:
if not self.project_file_name:
self.project_file_name = window.project_file_name()
if window.project_file_name() is not None and window.project_file_name() != self.project_file_name:
self.project_file_name = window.project_file_name()
Logging.log('project switched to {0}, reinspecting'.format(self.project_file_name))
if hsdev.agent_connected():
Logging.log('reinspect all', Logging.LOG_TRACE)
Common.show_status_message("inspector not connected", is_ok=False)
def on_post_save(self, view):
if Common.is_inspected_source(view):
filename = view.file_name()
if filename:
def plugin_loaded():
# TODO: How to stop_hdevtools() in Sublime Text 2?
def plugin_unloaded():
# Does this work properly on exit?
if int(sublime.version()) < 3000: