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import argparse
import subprocess
import os
import sys
import shutil
import pathlib
def parse_args():
Parse the arguments for this script and return the namespace from argparse.
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description="Initialize student repos with instructor-provided code.")
parser.add_argument("server", type=str, help="git server, e.g., ''")
parser.add_argument("semester", type=str, help="semester, e.g., 's19'")
parser.add_argument("course", type=str, help="course, e.g., 'csci1200'")
parser.add_argument("repo", type=str, help="gradeable/repo name, e.g., 'hw1'")
parser.add_argument("src_dir", type=str, help="provided source code directory/filename, e.g., '~/teaching/provided_code/hw1'")
parser.add_argument("message", type=str, help="git commit message, e.g., 'initial code'")
parser.add_argument("students", type=str, help="file containing student ids, e.g., '~/teaching/students.txt'")
return parser.parse_args()
def main():
Main execution function
# parse the command line arguments
args = parse_args()
# minimal error checking
if not os.path.exists(args.src_dir):
raise SystemExit("ERROR: instructor source code directory does not exist: "+args.src_dir)
# note the current directory
current_directory = os.getcwd()
# make a top level directory for the repo (if it doesn't already exist)
repo_path = os.path.join (args.course, args.repo)
# read the student files
with open(args.students, 'r') as f:
student_names = f.readlines()
for student in student_names:
student = student.strip()
if student == "":
def process_student(args,student):
Deal with the provided code for each student
print ("============================================\nPROCESS STUDENT "+student)
# make directory and clone repo
repo_path = os.path.join (args.course, args.repo)
student_path = os.path.join (args.course, args.repo, student)
print (student_path)
# TODO: Could revise to skip this step and be more efficient and
# use and update existing checkout (but this could be messy if
# history was edited)
url = args.server+"/"+args.semester+"/"+args.course+"/"+args.repo+"/"+student
success = (['git','clone',url,student_path])
if not success == 0:
print ("ERROR: git clone failed")
os.chdir (student_path)
# do the master & provided repos exist?
master_exists =['git','show-ref','master'])
provided_exists =['git','show-ref','provided'])
# go to the provided branch (create if doesn't exist)
if provided_exists == 0:
print(student," provided branch exists!") (['git','checkout','provided'])
print(student," provided branch DOES NOT EXIST") (['git','checkout','-b','provided'])
# add the files, and commit them TODO: Could revise to be more
# efficient and not force delete and replace all the top level
# files & directories (also this does not delete any dot files or
# dot directories at the top level -- have to leave the .git
# directory after all) (['rm','-rf','*']) (['rsync','--delete','-a',args.src_dir,'.']) (['git','add','--all']) (['git','commit','-m',args.message]) (['git','push','origin','provided'])
# if the master branch doesn't yet exist, put the provided code in
# that branch too
if master_exists == 0:
print(student," master branch exists!")
print(student," master branch DOES NOT EXIST") (['git','checkout','-b','master']) (['git','branch','--unset-upstream']) (['git','merge','provided']) (['git','push','origin','master'])
print ("finished student "+student)