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As this project is pre 1.0, breaking changes may happen for minor version bumps. A breaking change will get clearly notified in this log.


Breaking changes

  • Restructuring of transaction submission response types.

    • TransactionPostResponse (abstract)
      • TransactionApproved
      • TransactionRejected
  • Complete removal of generated XDR classes in favour of domain objects handling their own XDR encoding. This means operations such as TransactionResult.decodeXDR will now return instances of domain objects newly created in this release which can be used in pattern matches. These classes incorporate all of the XDR encoded information in a user-friendly form and have the following heirarchy:

    • TransactionResult (trait)
      • TransactionSuccess
      • TransactionNotSuccessful (trait)
        • TransactionFailure
        • TransactionNotAttempted
  • Most classes have changed packages to better expose the common user-facing classes.

    • stellar.sdk contains commonly used classes KeyPair, Network and the concrete Network instances PublicNetwork and TestNetwork.
    • stellar.sdk.model - classes used to model the request and response domain objects.
    • stellar.sdk.model.op - domain objects specific to operations.
    • stellar.sdk.model.response - objects representing Horizon responses.
    • stellar.sdk.model.result - domain objects specific to transaction submission results.
    • stellar.sdk.model.xdr - helper classes used by domain objects for XDR serialisation.