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Windows Port: Do a complete code cleanup and refactor of aviout.cpp t…

…o use proper C++ objects.

- aviout.cpp now uses Windows-style line-endings instead of Unix-style line-endings.
- AVI segments now fill up much closer to the 2 GB file limit than before.
- Error handling in the file writing thread is much more robust.
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rogerman committed Mar 1, 2018
1 parent cbe4717 commit db1a19ad86b97e4dfe3e9ffbb75502ab3f6182b1
Showing with 908 additions and 726 deletions.
  1. +764 −714 desmume/src/frontend/windows/aviout.cpp
  2. +124 −6 desmume/src/frontend/windows/aviout.h
  3. +20 −6 desmume/src/frontend/windows/main.cpp
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