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A lot of google services now rellie on google-play-services , such as admob. Using the google-play-services.jar directly in the depencies/libs folder is not enough to correctly integrate google-play. It has to be included via the file of the extension. I made this extension so that it's easier to update google-play-services for every extensions relying on it. This prevent every google extension from including different version of google-play-services, wich migh create troubles.

how to use

  1. Clone this repo git clone
  2. Use haxelib dev google-play-services path/to/clone
  3. Add <haxelib name="google-play-services" /> to your project before any other google extension.
  4. You can check google-play-services availability with
var availibitily = GooglePlayServices.getAvailability();
if(availibitily != 0) { // not available
	// your code using google api.

google service extensions

  1. Admob
  2. DFP