Development of the TUM Campus App for Android devices - for and from students at Technical University of Munich.
thellmund and kordianbruck Make improvements to cards (#1100)
* Add “more" icon to cards

* Refactor NewsCard adapter for easier distinction between news and film items

* Remove commented code

* Increase tappable area of options icon

To do this, I had to move to ConstraintLayout for many card layouts. Otherwise, the increased height of the options icon would have resulted in an odd additional vertical offset below the title.

* Improve "Always hide card" functionality

Now, cards are immediately removed when "Always hide card" is selected

* Add additional padding around options button in news and event cards

This increases the tap area, making the button easier to hit.

* Only offer "Open card settings" for cards that actually have settings

* Add card options to login card

* Remove commented code in layout files

* Remove commented code

* Add clarifying comment regarding chat messages view inflation

* Change how cards declare the options menu that they want to have displayed

* Fix bug related to displaying card options

Remember, kids: Copy-and-paste programming is bad.
Latest commit 21c189d Sep 26, 2018

TumCampusApp Build Status

An excellent app for students by students

The TUM Campus App (TCA) is an open source project, which is mainly developed by volunteers with significant contributions by the Android Practical course. The TCA mostly targets phones, but can also be used on tablets or any Android device.


  • Lecture calendar (with in-app view and a syncing service to the device's calendar)
  • Meal plans of various cafeterias (Studentenwerk München)
  • View all your grades
  • Find empty study rooms (currently MI only)
  • MVV departure times
  • TUM and related News (mostly in German)
  • Roomfinder
  • Automatic muting while lectures are held
  • Available in English and German


Special thanks to everybody that has contributed to this project. If you also want to contribute to the TCA, don't hesitate to ask us about anything, open an issue or just correct our spelling mistakes. We've also collected a bunch of guidelines in the Wiki.
Just don't forget: Be excellent to each other ❤️

Used Permissions:

  • Location services: So we can show you the nearest Cafeteria / MVV departures
  • Access calendar: To sync your lecture calendar with your local calendar
  • Access contacts: So you can add people from the person search to your addressbook
  • Detailed WiFi information: So we can help you set up eduroam access
  • Camera: So you can join chat rooms by scanning a QR code


This is not an official app of the Technische Universität München. There's no support or warranty (you can however send us an email or open an issue here on Github). The app is developed by students and for students, so use it at your own risk. We try to keep your data safe with only using TUMonline tokens and not saving your password. For further information, please take a look at our privacy policy and the terms and conditions of the lecture chat.


Privacy policy
T&Cs of the lecture chat


You can reach us on Facebook, Github or via E-Mail



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