Batch script to completely uninstall OneDrive in Windows 10
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This is a batch script to completely uninstall OneDrive in Windows 10.


It'll only take a moment and could save you hours of grief... Simply download the latest 'Onedrive Uninstaller' batch file then run the script in Administrator mode (by right clicking on the file and selecting 'Run as Administrator' to completely and totally remove OneDrive.

Be aware that removing OneDrive WILL break access to existing OneDrive accounts and delelete locally stored files on the machine you run this script on. It may also break access to roaming profiles, App Store configuration, and cloud based windows settings (for example, if you use a Microsoft account instead of a local account to log on to your machine). If you don't use that stuff, you are home free (but check anyway).

In any case, be sure to BACK UP YOUR STUFF!! (You should be doing this regularly anyway, like a good little boy or girl...) Also, if you are unsure, take an image of your HDD, or at least set a restore point or something... anything... (please).....

Let me know if you find a bug or if you want any improvements or features. Find me on Reddit or something.

Peace out.