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// Name: _files.c
// Function:
// Programmer: Mr Elusive
// Last update: 1999-12-02
// Tab Size: 4
aas_areamerging.c //AAS area merging
aas_cfg.c //AAS configuration for different games
aas_create.c //AAS creating
aas_edgemelting.c //AAS edge melting
aas_facemerging.c //AAS face merging
aas_file.c //AAS file writing
aas_gsubdiv.c //AAS gravitational and ladder subdivision
aas_map.c //AAS map brush creation
aas_prunenodes.c //AAS node pruning
aas_store.c //AAS file storing
map.c //map file loading and writing
map_hl.c //Half-Life map loading
map_q1.c //Quake1 map loading
map_q2.c //Quake2 map loading
map_q3.c //Quake3 map loading
map_sin.c //Sin map loading
tree.c //BSP tree management + node pruning (*)
brushbsp.c //brush bsp creation (*)
portals.c //BSP portal creation and leaf filling (*)
csg.c //Constructive Solid Geometry brush chopping (*)
leakfile.c //leak file writing (*)
textures.c //Quake2 BSP textures (*)
l_bsp_ent.c //BSP entity parsing
l_bsp_hl.c //Half-Life BSP loading and writing
l_bsp_q1.c //Quake1 BSP loading and writing
l_bsp_q2.c //Quake2 BSP loading and writing
l_bsp_q3.c //Quake2 BSP loading and writing
l_bsp_sin.c //Sin BSP loading and writing
l_cmd.c //cmd library
l_log.c //log file library
l_math.c //math library
l_mem.c //memory management library
l_poly.c //polygon (winding) library
l_script.c //script file parsing library
l_threads.c //multi-threading library
l_utils.c //utility library
l_qfiles.c //loading of quake files
gldraw.c //GL drawing (*)
glfile.c //GL file writing (*)
nodraw.c //no draw module (*)
bspc.c //BSPC Win32 console version
winbspc.c //WinBSPC Win32 GUI version
win32_terminal.c //Win32 terminal output
win32_qfiles.c //Win32 game file management (also .pak .sin)
win32_font.c //Win32 fonts
win32_folder.c //Win32 folder dialogs