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pip install gwmt-dl


usage: gwmt-dl [-h] [-v] [-d]
[-S {top_queries,top_pages,TOP_QUERIES,TOP_PAGES}] -u USER

optional arguments:
-h, --help            show this help message and exit
-v, --verbose
-d, --debug
-S/--selected {top_queries,top_pages,TOP_QUERIES,TOP_PAGES}
-u USER, --user USER
-p PASSWORD, --password PASSWORD
-w WEBSITE, --website WEBSITE
-l LIMIT_ROWS, --limit-rows LIMIT_ROWS

The default selected query type is TOP_QUERIES. So using the -S option may be mostly unnecessary for most people as top pages information can be gathered from Google Analytics with better information.

Note that the --website/-w argument can take just a domain name like but this will make the script default to using when https:// may be desired. In the case of https:// always specify the full website domain with protocol (e.g. In any case, do not forget the subdomain (www.).

The --limit-rows/-l argument takes in an integer to limit amount of rows returned, mostly useful when using the TOP_QUERIES functionality.

Two-factor authentication

If you have two-factor authentication enabled in your account, be sure to visit the Google App passwords page to set up a specific password for this script. You can even store it on your machine locally:

vim ~/.gwmt-dl-pass         # Paste password in, :wq
chmod 0400 ~/.gwmt-dl-pass  # For (hopefully obvious) security reasons

Then you can invoke like so: gwmt-dl -u -p $(< ~/.gwmt-dl-pass) ....

Yes, you can do this with your regular password too. Part of the point here is to avoid shell history keeping your password.