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Frequently Asked Questions

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If you can't find a solution here, please ask on Discord, Reddit or the Plex Forums. Don't post questions on the GitHub issues tracker.


Activity and History Logging







Q: I have some weird Python errors!

A: Please make sure you have the latest version of Python 2.7.x installed. Python 3.x is not supported by Tautulli.

Q: I am receiving some weird datatable warnings.

A: Most datatable warnings can be solved by doing a force refresh in your browser (CTRL+F5 or OPTION+Reload on Mac/Safari). If that doesn't work, try clearing your browser's cache.

Q: I forgot my username and/or password!

A: Follow these steps to get back in:

  1. Shut down Tautulli so your changes will apply.
  2. Open the Tautulli config.ini file with your preferred text editor.
  3. Search for http_username and http_password and the values after the equal signs are the username and password. You can also delete both lines from the file to disable authentication.

Note: If your password is encrypted in the config file, you will have to delete the entire line to disable authentication and reset your password in the Tautulli settings.

Q: I can't reach the web interface!

A: Shut down Tautulli and open the Tautulli config.ini file with your preferred text editor, search for the lines that begin with http_host, http_port, and http_root and remove the entire line. You should also remove the line for enable_https from the file. After you have removed these lines from config.ini, go ahead and start Tautulli. It will listen on the default IP address and port (http://localhost:8181).

Q: Tautulli is not updating, it just goes back to the homepage without updating.

A: When you try you Tautulli and you get the message "A newer version (vX.Y.ZZ) is available", but updating doesn't actually apply the update it's possible your local git repository has gotten out of sync in a manner that Tautulli can't automatically repair. Note that the following only applies if you installed Tautulli using git. To fix this first Shutdown Tautulli, then run the following commands from the command line/shell in the Tautulli folder.

git remote set-url origin
git fetch origin
git checkout master
git branch -u origin/master
git reset --hard origin/master
git pull

If you are running Tautulli as a dedicated user as is recommended in the Daemon instructions, it's likely the permissions on files will need to be fixed after running the above commands:

sudo chown -R tautulli:tautulli /path/to/Tautulli

Q: When I try to update Tautulli, it keeps telling me "Please commit your changes or stash them before you can merge."

A: See the answer to the previous question.

Q: What does the warning "Unable to retrieve data" mean? Is this a problem?

A: No, not necessarily. It means that you requested data that is not available, for example when you view the profile of a user who hasn't watched anything yet or view synced items when there is nothing synced.

Q: My libraries are duplicated! How do I remove them?

A: This usually happens when you try to reinstall or switch your Plex Media Server. You can visit the following URL to remove all libraries not associated with the current Plex server connected to Tautulli.


If the libraries are duplicated on the homepage, toggle the Library Statistic cards under Settings > Homepage and click Save.

Q: How can I access Tautulli outside my home network?

A: WARNING: Before you follow any of these methods make sure you have enabled authentication in Tautulli under Settings -> Web Interface by setting a HTTP Username and Password. If you load Tautulli in an Incognito window you should get a login prompt!

The easy and least secure method is to forward an external port (8181) on your router to the internal port used by Tautulli (default is TCP 8181). Visit Port Forward for instructions for your particular router. You will then be able to access Tautulli via http://EXTERNAL-IP-ADDRESS:8181.

The more advanced and most preferred method (and more secure if you use SSL) is to set up a web server with NGINX/Apache, and use a reverse proxy to access Tautulli. You can lookup many guides on the internet to find out how to do this.

The most secure method, but also the most inconvenient, is to set up a VPN tunnel to your home server, then you can access Tautulli as if it is on a local network via http://LOCAL-IP-ADDRESS:8181.

Q: Why does Tautulli not work with my reverse proxy setup?

A: Tautulli uses CherryPy as it's web server, and it includes support for reverse proxies. You must ensure that your proxy web server (e.g. NGINX or Apache) is sending the standard X- headers to CherryPy. For NGINX, the configuration would look like this:

# Standard proxying headers
proxy_set_header    Host                $host;
proxy_set_header    X-Real-IP           $remote_addr;
proxy_set_header    X-Forwarded-Host    $server_name;
proxy_set_header    X-Forwarded-For     $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for;

If you have SSL enabled on your webserver (e.g. Internet --> https://nginx --> http://tautulli), make sure HTTP Proxy is checked under Settings > Show Advanced button > Web Interface. Then ensure that your proxy web server is also including these two SSL specific X- headers:

# SSL proxying headers
proxy_set_header    X-Forwarded-Proto   $scheme;
proxy_set_header    X-Forwarded-Ssl     on;

As an alternative, the following configuration will automatically work for both HTTP and HTTPS.

location /tautulli/ {
    proxy_set_header Host $host;
    proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Host $server_name;
    proxy_set_header X-Real-IP $remote_addr;
    proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-For $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for;
    proxy_read_timeout 90;
    proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Proto $scheme;
    set $xforwardedssl "off";
    if ($scheme = https) {
            set $xforwardedssl "on";
    proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Ssl $xforwardedssl;
    proxy_redirect ~^(http(?:s)?://)([^:/]+)(?::\d+)?(/.*)?$ $1$2:$server_port$3;

Don't forget to clear your web browser's cache every time you update your web server configuration.

Q: I need to reinstall Tautulli. Can I keep my history and statistics?

A: Yes, all you need to do is copy your tautulli.db database file somewhere safe (make sure Tautulli is shut down when doing this). Then after reinstalling, place the file back inside the Tautulli folder before starting up Tautulli again. This will work between any OS.

Although not necessary to keep the history and statistics, you can also copy the config.ini file, although you will need to edit any file and folder paths within the configuration to point to their new location.

Q: Help! I accidentally deleted a user/library! How can I add it back?

A: If you have deleted a user or library in Tautulli and would like to bring them back the best method is to immediately restore a backup as the related history for these are removed when they are deleted. If you no longer have a backup containing the history, or don't want to bother with recovering it, you can simply tell Tautulli to allow them back in by "undeleting" them with the following instructions.

Undeleting a user

If you are trying to undelete a user first you will need to find their user_id. You can get this by following the "More XML Shortcuts" instructions here for "All Users".

You will see a list of items, find the entry that corresponds to the user you want to undelete, the user_id is in the id="12345" part. So for example in this entry the user_id would be 8367478:

<User id="8367478" title="exampleuser" username="exampleuser" email="" ...>
    <Server id="1234567" name="Server Name" ... />

Once you have the ID you need to go to /undelete_user?user_id=<user_id> on your Tautulli instance. For example for the above ID on a Tautulli instance on the same machine you would go to:


If you are unable to find the user_id, you may try using the username (/undelete_user?username=<username>) or their email address (/undelete_user?username=<user's Plex email address>), but these are less accurate and may not work. Example usage of these for a Tautulli instance running on the same computer would be:

Undeleting a library

If you are trying to undelete a library you will need to find the section_id. You can get this by following the "More XML Shortcuts" instructions here for "All Libraries".

You will see a list of items, find the entry that corresponds to the library you want to undelete, the section_id is in the key="2" part. So for example in this entry the section_id would be 3:

<Directory ... key="3" type="show" title="TV Shows" ...>
    <Location id="7" path="/mnt/TV Shows"/>

Once you have the section ID you need to go to /undelete_library?section_id=<section_id> on your Tautulli instance. For example for the above ID on a Tautulli instance on the same machine you would go to:


If you are unable to find the section_id, you may try using the library name (/undelete_library?section_name=<section_name>), but this is less accurate and may not work. Example usage for a Tautulli instance running on the same computer would be:


Q: Can I import my history from PlexWatch/Plexivity?

A: You can import your PlexWatch/Plexivity history into Tautulli by going to Settings > Import & Backups.

Q: Where can I find my Tautulli logs?

A: You can view the Tautulli logs from the web interface by clicking on "View Logs" in the settings menu. Clicking on the "Download logs" button on this page will allow you to save a copy of the log file. If Tautulli is unable to start, then the log file is located at logs/tautulli.log in the folder where you have Tautulli installed. When reporting an issue, please provide a link to this log file by pasting it on Gist, do not upload the file as an attachment.

Q: When trying to install the GeoLite2 database, I get the error "Uncaught ReferenceError: confirmAjaxCall is not defined."?

A: You need to clear your browser cache or force refresh using CTRL+F5 (OPTION+Reload on Mac/Safari).

Q: Tautulli says "There was an error communicating with your Plex Server", and the logs say "Status code 401".

A: Go into the Tautulli Settings > Plex Media Server and fetch a new token.

Q: Tautulli can't connect to my Plex server locally with "Use SSL" checked.

A: First check that you can access your server locally with SSL. Open your Tautulli settings, go to the Plex Media Server section and copy the "Plex Server URL" URL into a new browser tab to attempt to load your server's interface directly.

If you cannot load the Plex Web interface, then you may have a DNS rebinding issue for * addresses. Try changing your system to use a public DNS server, such as Cloudflare DNS or Google Public DNS. If you are using a custom DNS server such as on a pfSense firewall, see the "DNS Rebinding" section of this Plex support article on How to use Secure Server Connections.

Otherwise, you may have to set secure connections to "Preferred" in your Plex server settings and uncheck the "Use SSL" box in the Tautulli settings. Tautulli will then connect to your Plex server directly without SSL using the address http://LOCAL-IP-ADDRESS:32400.

Q: My Tautulli database got corrupted: "DatabaseError: database disk image is malformed."

A: There are two ways to fix Tautulli when you get this message:

The Easy Way

The easiest way to fix this is to just restore an older version of the database from the backup directory. To do this:

  1. Shutdown Tautulli if it is running.
  2. Move or rename the current tautulli.db.
  3. Copy the latest backups/tautulli.backup-YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.sched.db file to the main folder as tautulli.db.
  4. Start Tautulli back up.
The Long Way

If restoring a backup won't work for you, or you want to retain as much history from your current database as possible, then the other alternative is to attempt to repair the database that you currently have. If you are using Windows or Mac OS, then you can try the steps below. Alternatively, you can try using the SQLite command line instructions here.

  1. Backup your Tautulli database (tautulli.db) by making a copy and saving it somewhere safe.
  2. Open your database with DB Browser for SQLite.
  3. Go to the "Execute SQL" tab and run pragma integrity_check; (screenshot). If it does not say "ok" then you need to repair your database.
  4. Go to "File > Export > Database to SQL file..."
  5. Make sure the box that says "Multiple rows (VALUES) per INSERT statement" is checked (screenshot).
  6. Click "OK" and save the .sql file on your computer.
  7. Go to "File > Close Database".
  8. Go to "File > Import > Database from SQL file..."
  9. Select the .sql file you saved from step 4, and save the new file as tautulli.db. Do not overwrite your original file!
  10. Save the changes to the database when prompted
  11. (Optional) Go to the "Execute SQL" tab and run pragma integrity_check; and it should say "ok".
  12. Go to "File > Close Database".
  13. Replace your Tautulli database (tautulli.db) file with this new one.

Q: Tautulli cannot read my Plex log file.

A: Tautulli does not require your Plex logs to function. You can add your Plex logs folder to Tautulli in order to use it as a convenient log viewer. If you are installing Tautulli in a Docker container or jail, then you will need to mount/share the Plex log folder into the Tautulli container. You must also specify the full path to the Plex logs folder (shortcuts will not work).

Q: Tautulli won't start with the error: "configobj.ParseError".

A: Your config.ini file is corrupted. Either delete the file (you will have to reconfigure your Tautulli settings) or try restoring a config file from the backups folder.

Q: What data is being collected using Google Analytics?

A: Only basic data is being collected, and it is not user identifiable. Here is a sample of the data being collected:

Data Source:       server
App Name:          Tautulli
App Version:       v2.0.22
Install Method:    git
Git Branch:        master
Platform:          Windows 10
Language:          en-US
Encoding:          UTF-8
Country:           Canada       # Collected by Google Analytics by default
City:              Vancouver    # Collected by Google Analytics by default

If you would like to opt-out of data collection, you can set system_analytics = 0 in the config.ini file. Tautulli must be shut down when editing the file.

Q: I'm seeing an "Unable to connect to remote host because of a SSL error." message when trying to update.

A: This is being caused by a combination of several different things. The initial cause is that GitHub has disabled weak cryptographic standards, preventing clients using these standards from accessing their site. This has caused many different aspects of older systems to run into issues when working on updates.

If you are on macOS, first try updating to at least 10.13.4.

The solution to most of these problems is to simply ensure you are on the latest v2 release of Python. If that doesn't work for you, the next thing to try is installing the latest version of pyOpenSSL, instructions for Windows can be found here. That should allow Tautulli to talk to GitHub again and check for updates.

If you are on a git based installation and git itself runs into problems when trying to download the updates, you should make sure you are on the current version of git for your platform.

If after performing all of the above steps have not solved your issue please join the #support channel of our Discord server as there can be many platform specific issues related to this.

Q: I've got a great feature request for Tautulli, where do I share it?

A: Please head over to FeatHub and search the existing requests. If a similar idea has already been posted, give it a thumbs up (+1). If you can't find your idea then feel free to file a new request, thanks!

Q: Does Tautulli have to be installed on the same machine as my Plex Server?

A: No, Tautulli can be installed anywhere as long as it has network access to the Plex server whether that be on a local network or even a remote network.

Q: Recently added items are not showing up on the homepage.

A: The recently added section on the homepage is pulled directly from your Plex dashboard. The Edit Library > Advanced > Include in dashboard setting must be enabled for the libraries on your Plex server.

Q: My users list is not updating and I am seeing "Status code 404" in the logs.

A: Your Plex Server Identifier in the Tautulli settings is mismatched with your Plex server. Please verify your server in the settings and make sure the identifier matches with the one shown by visiting http://SERVER-IP:32400/identity.

Activity and History Logging

Q: What is the grey progress bar under the current activity?

A: The yellow progress bar is the current stream progress, and the grey bar is the current transcoder progress (not the available buffer on the client device).

Q: I can see the streams on the homepage, but nothing is being logged.

A: History is only logged if all those following conditions are satisfied:

  • After the stream is stopped.
  • If the total stream duration is longer than the "Ignore interval" you set (Settings > General > Show Advanced).
  • If "Keep History" for the user is enabled (Users > Edit Mode > Toggle Keep History).
  • If "Keep History" for the library is enabled (Libraries > Edit Mode > Toggle History).

If you have satisfied all the above requirements, but nothing is still being logged, then the sessions might be stuck inside the database. Go to Settings > General > Show Advanced button at the top > Flush Temporary Sessions > Flush to flush the database, and history logging should be working again.

Note: If you are experiencing errors in the log, such as the DatabaseError: database disk image is malformed error, you should fix those first before attempting to flush sessions above.

Q: Do I need to keep Tautulli running to record history?

A: Yes. Tautulli cannot "see" your Plex activity if it isn't running, or retroactively import old history.

Q: Can Tautulli import history from before it was installed?

A: No, unless you had PlexWatch or Plexivity installed previously and import the database, Tautulli can only start logging history after it is installed.

Although Plex does keep some information in their database, it is nowhere near detailed enough to build the level of history that Tautulli keeps, the above tools keep enough information to build partial records from.

Q: Watch history isn't showing up under "Recently Watched" on the homepage.

A: "Recently Watched" only shows history that is considered as "watched" (exceed the watched percent that you specify in the settings).

Q: After resuming a media item, it shows up as two plays in Tautulli.

A: Re-Enable "Group Successive Play History" in Settings > General > Show Advanced button.

Q: The logs keep telling me "Failed to write sessionKey XX ratingKey YY to the database. Will try again on the next pass."

A: Tautulli can't find your library item YY. You can double check if that item exists by using Tautulli and going to


If the item can't be found then you can flush the temporary sessions database in Settings > General > Show Advanced button at the top > Flush Temporary Sessions > Flush.

Q: Can I see which items in my libraries are the least watched?

A: You can find out which items have not been watched by viewing the Media Info table for the library.

Q: My concurrent streams statistic is showing an insane number!

A: You can try fixing your database by following the steps below:

  1. Create a backup of your Tautulli database (tautulli.db) by going to Settings > Import & Backups > Backup Database

  2. Shutdown Tautulli.

  3. Open your database with DB Browser for SQLite.

  4. Go to the "Execute SQL" tab and run the following SQL:

     DELETE FROM session_history WHERE id NOT IN (SELECT id FROM session_history_metadata);
     DELETE FROM session_history_media_info WHERE id NOT IN (SELECT id FROM session_history_metadata);
  5. Go to "File > Write Changes" and "File > Close Database".

  6. Restart Tautulli.

Q: I am seeing history entries with very long duration times.

A: There's a websocket bug in the recent PMS versions where streams don't send a "stop" event. Once you restart Tautulli, a stop event is triggered, and the duration is calculated from when the stream started to when Tautulli was restarted.

The only solution at the moment is to manually delete those history entries from the History tab.

Q: Why does the bandwidth show as higher than the quality?

A: The bandwidth shown at the bottom of an activity item is Plex's Streaming Brain estimate of required bandwidth to stream the item. This is not necessarily the same as how much bandwidth will actually be used, but instead is the maximum required at the user's chosen bitrate. This can get quite a bit higher than the average bandwidth of the entire item due to the way that video compression works. You can read more detail on the subject and how Plex handles it in the Bitrates and How They Matter section of this support article.

Q: Why don't Live TV or Channels show in history?

A: The data returned from Plex for these type of items doesn't contain enough information to save a history entry for them. They are shown in the current activity but can't be saved in the database.

Q: I moved media in Plex, now Tautulli is linking to the wrong item/showing up twice!

A: When you remove something from Plex and then later re-add it, including when you move it between libraries or recreate an entire library it can start showing up multiple times in Tautulli. This is because Tautulli bases it's history recording on the ratingKey provided by Plex, a unique identifier for each item in the library. When you recreate items Plex generates a new ratingKey for the new item... but Tautulli is still referencing the old ratingKey for the history it has recorded!

Okay, so how do I fix it?

This depends on how many items in your history you need to update to their new ratingKey. If you've just moved a single movie, or re-added a TV show then the simplest method is to search Tautulli's history for the old item (either the movie, or an episode from the show). Once you've found the item, open up the /info page for it and hit the Fix Metadata button. This will bring up a screen allowing you to search your Plex library for where the item is currently. Once you find it's new location and tell Tautulli about it, it will update all history items to the new ratingKey. For TV shows it will update all episodes, so you just need to fix one.

If you instead recreated an entire library, you might find it easier to setup and use the script, which will automate the above task for everything in your library. Note that you will likely need to manually fix some items using the above method after running this, it will print warnings about the items it was unable to match automatically.

Q: I'm seeing the same artist twice on the homepage!

A: This is happening because the lists on the homepage display the Track Artist, but uses the Album Artist for grouping. Plex doesn't provide a linking between track artists and the "real" artist for Tautulli to follow to merge these entries. This means that if you have an artist individually in your library, and they show up in an album of various artists, they will show twice if both are played.

Q: Why are items showing up as for the IP address?

A: If a user is unable to get a direct connection to your Plex server for whatever reason, Plex has a component called "Plex Relay" that will relay their traffic through Plex's servers, allowing them to still connect to your server. Unfortunately since they are not connecting directly, the "address" they are connecting from is the local ( connection of the Plex Relay service.

For more information on this, and several potential solutions to fixing the connection issues and enabling direct access to your server, please refer to the Accessing a Server through Relay support article from Plex.

Q: Why don't my lights turn on when I stop playback?

A: If you are attempting to control smart lights using a notification from Tautulli you may find that some events aren't reliably triggering, such as the "Playback Stop" trigger to turn them back on. This is due to a feature of Tautulli where multiple related events in rapid succession are filtered to prevent a flood of messages when using text notifications, however this can cause issues when you are trying to script things off of these events.

To disable this filtering, allowing all events to always go through, you need to enable the Notifications & Newsletters -> Show Advanced -> Allow Consecutive Notifications setting. (example)

Q: Can I disable history logging for a specific user/library?

A: You can control which users/libraries will get logged by going to the Users or Libraries page, going into "Edit mode" and clicking on the "Toggle History" icon beside each user or library you want to enable or disable.


Q: I can't get Notifications working! Is there a magic trick?

A: To be honest: Yes. To be very honest: No. You probably forgot to enable any triggers for your notification agents. If they show with a gray bell in the list then they have no active triggers. Click on the gray bell icon next to the Notification Agent, go to the Triggers tab, and enable any desired triggers for that agent. After you checked at least one trigger and clicked on Save the bell turns satisfying orange-ish.

Q: My tests say they are successful, but the notification isn't sent and there's nothing in the logs.

A: Sometimes the browser cache will cause problems with the test notifications. Do a force refresh on the settings page (CTRL+F5 or OPTION+Reload on Mac/Safari), then try sending a test notification again.

Q: Can I disable notifications for a specific user/library?

A: You can control which users/libraries will send a notification by setting up a custom condition in your notification agent settings.

Q: Can I disable recently added notifications for TV Shows/Movies?

A: See previous answer.

Q: All my recently added notifications are showing S00E01.

A: You probably have "Group notifications for recently added TV Shows or Music" checked in the notification settings. No Season/Episode or Album/Track metadata will be available with this setting enabled.

Q: Why are posters not showing up in my notifications?

A: Posters are only available for notification agents which have the "Include Poster Image" or "Include Rich Metadata Info" options in the settings, with the exception of Email. If you are using any of those agents, make sure you have Imgur upload setup (see the next question), and the poster will automatically be included with notification. For Email, make sure you have "Enable HTML Support" checked in the Email settings, then you may use an HTML image tag to add the poster to body of your notification, for example: <img src="{poster_url}" height="225" width="150">

Q: How do I set up Imgur for notification posters?

A: First you must create an Imgur account, then register a new application here. Enter an Application Name, Email, and Description, and select the option "OAuth 2 authorization without a callback URL". You will receive a new client_id for your application. Enter this value for the "Imgur Client ID" in the Tautulli settings.

Q: Facebook notifications are telling me "Insufficient permission to post to target on behalf of the viewer".

A: When allowing Tautulli to access your Facebook account, you must select Public or Friends for the app visibility permissions. Selecting Only Me will not work.

Q: Facebook notifications are telling me "Some of the aliases you requested do not exist".

A: Your Facebook Group ID is incorrect. If your group has a named URL, you'll need to find the ID number using a tool like Your group will need to be open in order for that tool to work. You can change the group back to closed/secret once you have the group ID number.

Q: I'm seeing a "The PyCryptodome library is missing." message!

A: The PyCryptodome library is required to encrypt notifications sent to your Remote Android App. Installation instructions can be found in their documentation.

Q: Notifications are sending the wrong text/sending the default text.

A: When Tautulli encounters custom notification text that it fails to parse, it will fall back to the default text so the notification can still be sent out. Generally this is due to using an invalid {parameter} in the text that doesn't exist in Tautulli, or doesn't exist for the specific media item. The error logs will tell you the exact reason your custom text failed to parse, allowing you to correct the mistake.

For example:

Tautulli NotificationHandler :: Unable to parse parameter u'foobar' in notification body. Using fallback.

Q: How do I override the Python version in a script?

A: There are two aspects you might want to change:

  1. The PYTHONPATH environment variable

    • Tautulli will enhance the PYTHONPATH variable with the path of its own bundled libraries, allowing scripts to use any of the bundled libraries without the user needing to have installed them system wide. However, this means that the bundled versions take priority. If you want to disable this feature simply prepend nopythonpath to the script arguments.
  2. The python interpreter used.

    • Normally scripts ending in .py are executed with python. If you want to change this you can prepend the interpreter in front of the script arguments. Currently allowed overrides: python2, python3, python, pythonw, php, ruby, perl.


  • If you wanted to run a Python 3 script, without the PYTHONPATH changes from Tautulli you would set the arguments to nopythonpath python3 the other arguments.

  • If you wanted to run a Python 2 script with python2 instead of python and use the bundled libraries from Tautulli, you would set the arguments to python2 the other arguments.


Q: I enabled a library but it's not showing in the newsletter!

A: Newsletters use Plex's Recently Added list in order to generate the content for the Newsletter, as such if you have unchecked "Include in dashboard" in the libraries Advanced settings in Plex, then it won't show in the Newsletter.

Q: Gmail is giving me a "Message clipped" message!

A: When an email message exceeds a certain size in Gmail it is automatically clipped, requiring you to click a "View entire message" link in order to see the full contents. In order to get the Newsletters to render properly in mail clients they have to be rather complex, leading to this check triggering. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done about this as reducing the complexity leads to issues with mail clients breaking the rendering of the Newsletter. If you have enabled Self Hosted newsletters a link to view the full message is always the first thing in the message and should be visible no matter what.

Q: How do I edit the date format?

A: Newsletters follow the date format specified under Settings -> General -> Date Format.

Q: Images are not showing up in my newsletter emails.

A: The first thing to check is that your image hosting settings are correct. There should be no orange warning text under any of the related settings.

If you have enabled self hosted newsletters, or are using self-hosted images, ensure that your Public Tautulli Domain setting under Web Interface is correct.

If you are using Imgur as your image hosting you will likely run into API limits and some images may be missing. It is recommended to use Cloudinary if you are using an external image hosting service.

If you have checked the above and images in the newsletter are working for some users but not others, we have found that some email clients are buggy and do not display the images in the newsletter. Tautulli doesn't support clients that exhibit these issues, if you are interested in supporting these clients please use the Custom Template functionality. Known problematic clients are the default on iOS and some Microsoft Outlook versions.

Q: I want to customize the newsletter.

A: If you want to change something about how the Newsletters look, such as a custom logo, or changing the text, you need to create a folder containing your templates and point Tautulli at it.

It's recommended to copy the current template to start off with. Download recently_added.html to a folder of your choice. You can then edit the recently_added.html file to match what you would like the newsletters to look like. The templating language in use here is Mako.

Note: Your folder can be located anywhere Tautulli has access to, but the file must be named recently_added.html.

After you have that set up, you need to tell Tautulli to use the new template. Do this by filling in the full path to the folder you created above in the Settings > Notifications & Newsletters > Show Advanced button > Custom Newsletter Template Folder option.


Q: I enabled HTTPS but received a warning that the pyOpenSSL module is missing. How do I fix this?

A: The pyOpenSSL module is not bundled with Python. Run the following in the command line to install it.

pip install pyopenssl

If that doesn't work:

  1. Download the latest version of pyOpenSSL here (the source .tar.gz file) and save it to C:\.
  2. Run C:\Python27\Scripts\pip.exe install C:\pyOpenSSL-17.5.0.tar.gz

If you have installed Python into a different directory or saved pyOpenSSL to somewhere else, you have to modify the above command in step 2 accordingly.

Q: Tautulli keeps telling me "You're running an unknown version of Tautulli."

A: You most likely forgot the following step when installing Git for Windows. Run the Git installer again, making sure you include the step below.

Run the installer, select all the defaults except for the section called "Adjusting your PATH environment" - here select "Git from the command line and also from 3rd-party software".

Note: If you are seeing this and aren't running Windows, it's likely you are hitting the SSL error FAQ entry!

Q: When trying to update, the logs say "Invalid update data, update failed."

A: Delete the update folder inside the Tautulli directory and try updating again.

Q: I am getting a "DatabaseError: file is encrypted or is not a database"!

A: This seems to be a version mismatch with the packaged Python sqlite3 libraries. Download the latest "Precompiled Binaries for Windows" from here and place the extracted sqlite3.dlls file in C:\Python27\DLLs.

Q: How can I run Tautulli without the command prompt staying open?

A: Please refer to the instructions under the Install as a daemon wiki.

Q: The command prompt just flashes open then closes immediately when starting Tautulli.

A: Start Tautulli manually from the command prompt to view the error. Open the Windows command prompt then running the following command. Fill in C:\path\to\tautulli to match the path where Tautulli is installed.

C:\Python27\python.exe "C:\path\to\tautulli\"

Then refer to this FAQ above.


Q: When trying to update, the logs say "Agreeing to the Xcode/iOS license requires admin privileges, please re-run as root via sudo."

A: Run the following command in the terminal (according to this Stackoverflow answer):

sudo xcode-select --install

Q: I'm getting a ValueError: unknown locale: UTF-8 message

A: If you are seeing this error when trying to start Tautulli the simple fix is to add these lines to your ~/.bash_profile file:

export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8
export LANG=en_US.UTF-8

To make this change active you can either restart Terminal, or run the following:

source ~/.bash_profile


Q: How do I set the Plex Logs Folder on QNAP?

A: When running a Plex Media Server on a QNAP, Plex writes logs into a non-shared location with the /share/.qpkg path. Tautulli cannot be pointed to this location and you need to create a symbolic link.

  1. SSH into your QNAP device.

  2. Create a directory in a shared folder that will be accessible:

    mkdir /share/MD0_DATA/PATH/TO/VALID/SHARE/FOLDER/PlexLogs
  3. Create symbolic link between unshared log folder and new shared folder:

    ln -s "/share/MD0_DATA/.qpkg/PlexMediaServer/Library/Plex Media Server/Logs/" "/share/MD0_DATA/PATH/TO/VALID/SHARE/FOLDER/PlexLogs"
  4. Your new location is now usable in Settings > Plex Media Server > Show Advanced button > Logs Folder:

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