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libco is a coroutine library which is widely used in wechat back-end service. It has been running on tens of thousands of machines since 2013.
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example_poll.cpp fixed #107 Dec 19, 2018
example_setenv.cpp update Oct 19, 2016
example_specific.cpp update Oct 19, 2016
example_thread.cpp libco Oct 12, 2016


Libco is a c/c++ coroutine library that is widely used in WeChat services. It has been running on tens of thousands of machines since 2013.

Author: sunnyxu(, leiffyli(,, sarlmolchen(

By linking with libco, you can easily transform synchronous back-end service into coroutine service. The coroutine service will provide out-standing concurrency compare to multi-thread approach. With the system hook, You can easily coding in synchronous way but asynchronous executed.

You can also use co_create/co_resume/co_yield interfaces to create asynchronous back-end service. These interface will give you more control of coroutines.

By libco copy-stack mode, you can easily build a back-end service support tens of millions of tcp connection.



libco通过仅有的几个函数接口 co_create/co_resume/co_yield 再配合 co_poll,可以支持同步或者异步的写法,如线程库一样轻松。同时库里面提供了socket族函数的hook,使得后台逻辑服务几乎不用修改逻辑代码就可以完成异步化改造。

作者: sunnyxu(, leiffyli(,, sarlmolchen(

PS: 近期将开源PaxosStore,敬请期待。


  • 无需侵入业务逻辑,把多进程、多线程服务改造成协程服务,并发能力得到百倍提升;
  • 支持CGI框架,轻松构建web服务(New);
  • 支持gethostbyname、mysqlclient、ssl等常用第三库(New);
  • 可选的共享栈模式,单机轻松接入千万连接(New);
  • 完善简洁的协程编程接口
  • 类pthread接口设计,通过co_create、co_resume等简单清晰接口即可完成协程的创建与恢复;
  • __thread的协程私有变量、协程间通信的协程信号量co_signal (New);
  • 语言级别的lambda实现,结合协程原地编写并执行后台异步任务 (New);
  • 基于epoll/kqueue实现的小而轻的网络框架,基于时间轮盘实现的高性能定时器;


$ cd /path/to/libco
$ make

or use cmake

$ cd /path/to/libco
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make
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