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A simple list of Software Testing Conferences and Workshops
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Testing Conferences

CircleCI License: MIT

This is a simple list of software testing conferences and workshops published collaboratively with the testing community.

Contributing Guidelines

The list of events is driven by files in the _data folder - if you have an update for those things, just change the current.yml and past.yml files and send a PR.

  • The order of the events listed in current.yml and past.yml dictates the order displayed, please make sure to properly insert events.
  • If possible, spell out the conference name and add the abbreviation. Otherwise just use the abbreviation:
    • Example: Workshop on Performance and Reliability (WOPR)
  • Include the year
    • Sometimes workshops use a version instead of a year
      • Example: Workshop on Performance and Reliability (WOPR) 24
  • Don't include the @ symbol for the twitter handle. If there is no twitter option, leave it blank
  • Optionally include a status such as:
    • CFP is open / closed (CFP == Call for Proposal)
    • CFP is closed
    • Early Bird Registration is open
    • Registration is open / closed
    • Feel free to put in dates about when things expire
  • Optionally include a link to a conference video playlist. This will only appear for past conferences and can be added directly to the past.yml file.
    • These should be videos from the conference presentations or talks. No marketing videos please.

Eligible Conferences and Workshops

Focus is a goal of this project and as a result, only conferences, un-conferences and workshops that are specifically for software testing are listed. That means that if a conference covers software testing, but is not specifically for testers, then it is left out.

A good heuristic for whether a conference should be included is if its name includes Test(ing) or Quality and/or how it describes itself.

Mailing List

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License is released under the MIT License.

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