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;Copyright 2012 The Climate Corporation
;Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
;you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
;You may obtain a copy of the License at
;Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
;distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
;See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
;limitations under the License.
[ :as io])
[ File PipedInputStream PipedOutputStream]))
(deftest test-sh
(is= "util test output\n" (:out (sh "echo" "util test" "output"))))
(deftest test-sh-with-stdout-capture
(is= "util test output\n" (:out (sh "echo" "util test" "output" :err :pass))))
(deftest test-sh-with-pass
(is= 0 (:exit (sh "echo" "util test" "2" :out :pass)))
(is (pos? (:exit (sh "ls" "non-existant-file-hgf723gdn" :out :pass)))))
(deftest test-merge-env
(is (re-find #"FOO=bar,HOME=.+"
(:out (sh "bash" "-c" "echo FOO=$FOO,HOME=$HOME"
:err :pass
:env (merge-env {:FOO "bar"}))))))
(deftest test-merge-env-2
(is (when-let [java-home (get (System/getenv) "JAVA_HOME")]
(:out (sh "java" "-cp" (clj-main-jar) "clojure.main" "-e"
(get (System/getenv) \"JAVA_HOME\")
(get (System/getenv) \"FOO\"))"
:err :pass
:env (merge-env {:FOO "bar"})))
(pr-str (vector java-home "bar"))))))
(deftest test-sh-with-files
(let [txt "some test text"
input (File/createTempFile "shell-unit" nil)
output (File/createTempFile "shell-unit" nil)]
(spit input txt)
(is= 0 (:exit (sh "cat" :in input :out output :err :pass)))
(is= txt (slurp output))))
(deftest test-sh-with-streams
; streams are managed external to (sh)
(let [txt "some test text"
input (File/createTempFile "shell-unit" nil)
output (File/createTempFile "shell-unit" nil)]
(spit input txt)
(with-open [ins (io/input-stream input)
outs (io/output-stream output)]
(is= 0 (:exit (sh "cat" :in ins :out outs :err :pass))))
(is= txt (slurp output))))
(deftest test-sh-with-fn
; this is one method to achieve a pipe
(let [txt "b\na\n"
input (File/createTempFile "shell-unit" nil)]
(spit input txt)
; In function f below, we can't just return the stream that is passed in,
; b/c it will be closed right after it is given to us.
(let [f #(sh "sort" :in % :err :pass)
result (:out (sh "cat" :in input :out f :err :pass))]
(is= 0 (:exit result))
(is= "a\nb\n" (:out result)))))
; TODO constructing a pipe like this is still kind of tricky. Probably worth making some helper fn.
(deftest test-sh-piped
; This is similar to the sh expr `cat <input> | sort`
(let [input (File/createTempFile "shell-unit" nil)]
(spit input "b\na\n")
(with-open [pipe-in (PipedInputStream.)]
; Note that we start the second process (sort) first (in a thread), so it is ready
; to accept data concurrently. And we block on the generating process, so we
; can close the stream it's writing to. We need to close this stream first, or
; the 'sort' process will never finish.
(let [result (future (sh "sort" :in pipe-in :err :pass))]
(with-open [pipe-out (PipedOutputStream. pipe-in)]
(sh "cat" :in input :out pipe-out :err :pass))
(is= 0 (:exit @result))
(is= "a\nb\n" (:out @result))))))
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