Sends notifications from Veeam Backup & Restore to Slack
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Veeam Backup and Restore Notification for Slack

Sends notifications from Veeam Backup & Restore to Slack

Chat Example

If you use Mattermost check this out:


Make a scripts directory: C:\VeeamScripts

# To make the directory run the following command in PowerShell
New-Item C:\VeeamScripts PowerShell -type directory

Get code

Then clone this repository:

cd C:\VeeamScripts
git clone
cd VeeamSlackNotifications
git checkout v1-stable

Or without git:

Download release, there may be later releases take a look and replace the version number with newer release numbers. Unzip the archive and make sure the folder is called: VeeamSlackNotifications

Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -OutFile C:\VeeamScripts\

Configure the project:

# Make a new config file
cp C:\VeeamScripts\VeeamSlackNotifications\config\vsn.example.json C:\VeeamScripts\VeeamSlackNotifications\config\vsn.json
# Edit your config file. You must replace the webhook field with your own slack url.
notepad.exe C:\VeeamScripts\VeeamSlackNotifications\config\vsn.json

Finally open Veeam and configure your jobs. Edit them and click on the button.

Navigate to the "Scripts" tab and paste the following line the script that runs after the job is completed:

Powershell.exe -File C:\VeeamScripts\VeeamSlackNotifications\SlackNotificationBootstrap.ps1


Example Configuration:

Below is an example configuration file.

	"webhook": "",
	"channel": "#veeam",
	"service_name": "VeeamBot",
	"icon_url": "",
	"debug_log": false