A loop quasi-invariant chunk motion pass
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Loop Quasi-Ivariant Chunk Motion (LQICM) LLVM Pass

This pass is a draft prototype!

For the moment, it provides an invariance degrees for instructions, inner branches and loops (we call them chunks). It can also peel (disabled by default because it's not stable yet) the chunks regarding to the degrees computed previously.


You need LLVM with clang, I use the release_40 branch.

Install and use


$ cd lqicm_pass
$ edit build.sh → give the right LLVM-DIR path to cmake
$ ./build.sh

To use initialize…Pass(…) registration I added initializeLegacyLQICMPassPass(PassRegistry*); in include/llvm/InitializePasses.h it should exist a better way…


$ edit run.sh → give the right LLVM_BUILD path
$ ./run.sh something.(c|ll)


$ ./run.sh test/files/Fact.c

↑ This is a basic same factorial computed n times. This pass detects the invariance of the entire loop and can peel it (see also Fact4.c which has the same factorial but of invariance degree equal to 4, means that the loop needs to be peeled four times before hoisting the factorial loop).

The pass is enabled by default when the libLQICMPass.so is loaded to opt or directly into clang (using -load option).

Registered as EP_ModuleOptimizerEarly it can provides statistics (with -mllvm -stats flags) on quasi-invariants detected before loop optimizations.

First Statistics

By adding the lqicm analysis pass before each iteration of licm we can compare the number of invariants detected.  We decided to compare them with the -Oz optimization level to avoid loop rotations (lqicm can't analyze this form of loop for the moment). Here we compile vim with the flags -fno-vectorize -fno-slp-vectorize -Oz:

First, it's important to know that, at -Oz, licm is performed 3 times and hoists ~1500 instructions less than at -O3.

7m45,496s user time
3808 number of loops at EP_ModuleOptimizerEarly
13178 total number of times lqicm LoopPass was launched
8062 number of all Instructions hoisted by licm
160 number of instructions sunk by licm
6525 total number of times lqicm has analyzed the loop (over 13178)
7632 number of all quasi-invariants detected
808 number of quasi-invariants Chunk detected
6824 number of quasi-invariants Instructions
43 number of chunks with invariance degree >= 2


Note that there are some restrictions on the form of the loop: some of the loops with several exit blocks, latches, rotated or without header are not analyzed. In the previous statistics it's ~50% of the time, this is why results are biased.

Over only half of the loop analyzes licm performs, we find 6824 quasi-invariants instructions (~85% of the total invariants currently hoisted by licm). We can suppose that over all loop analyzes we should find more instructions than licm. We are currently working for the flexibility of our analysis.