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The current state of StormWar is: NOT PLAYABLE, NOT UNDER DEVELOPMENT.

This is the repository of the now dead project StormWar. The project goal was to create a real time strategy game engine, similar to the old game "NetStorm, Islands at War" but it was aborted before becoming playable. Feel free to use whatever suits you.

*** Overview ***

StormWar is a 3D realtime strategy game inspired by a quite unknown but great old game: NetStorm, Islands at war.
It is released under the GPL license.

*** Camera control ***

* Mouse:
    - When in 'grabbed mode', screen edges allow to scroll the camera
    - The mouse wheel is used to zoom
    - Holding the middle button while moving the mouse will rotate the camera around a point
    - Clicking on the map will scroll the camera towards the position clicked

* Keyboard:
    - CTRL  + mouse move => rotate around a point
    - SHIFT + mouse move => zoom
    - ALT   + mouse move => scroll

*** Trouble keys ***

F1      : Show/hide a graphical shell.
CTRL+F1 : Return to a standard windowed 800*600 resolution.
CTRL+F2 : Restart to the title scene with "default" mod.
CTRL+F12: Quit the game without asking anything (current game state will be lost).
          This might take some time to wait for modules to end softly but should
          always succeed (unless the SDL system crashed).

Function keys other than CTRL+F12 might not work at all if the program hang up.

*** Information files ***

    COPYING                 License full terms.
    INSTALL                 How to build and install this software.
    ChangeLog               Log of all significant changes.
    NEWS                    What's new in this version (simpler than the ChangeLog).
    BUGS                    Kwown bugs and troubleshooting.
    AUTHORS                 List of all contributors.
    TODO                    Things to do for future versions.
    docs/html/index.html    Code documentation generated with Doxygen.

*** Technical specifications ***

Programming language:
    ANSI C

    GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)

    generated with Doxygen

Compiling requirements:
    GNU build tools (gcc/make)

Compiling and running requirements:
    SDL library, version 1.2.x
    SDL_image library
    SDL_mixer library (optional, for sound)
    OpenGL's GL and GLU libraries


A 3D real-time strategy game engine, with a default mod similar to the old NetStorm game. Current project status : not playable, abandoned




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