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A constantly evolving network of custom Team Fortress 2 servers.

Hang out, and have fun! 🎉 StackShare

With over 380K unique players from over 180 countries, we are a constantly evolving network of custom Team Fortress 2 servers available worldwide.


❤️ More than just another community

There's always something new to discover here at Titan. It's an eternal journey.

😍 You can start playing now for free

Creating an account is as easy as signing in with your Steam account or joining any one of our servers. Don't worry, we do not see any of your login details. Steam will only provide us your display name, avatar and Steam ID.

☁️ Seamless integration with cloud data save synchronization

While browsing our website with the MOTD browser in a game, a session is automatically generated for you to access the website seamlessly. And when you update your loadout through the browser, the changes you make on the website loadout are automatically reflected in the game.

📂 Download and install our DLC to up your game

Our custom content is made completely optional for all players. No automatic downloads of any content for custom items when you connect. You can opt-in and enjoy the wide variety of content we offer by joining the content distributor server.


A continuously evolving universe of Team Fortress 2 community servers, redefining what servers can achieve.


  1. TitanTF Public

    Tracking all Titan.TF development, which include monitoring all reported bugs and allowing players to suggest new features and remedies.


  2. Titan-DLC Public

    Optional Content Pack for Titan.TF Servers

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  3. All inclusive server restart features in one plugin, ensures your server is always refreshed and prepared for the next load.

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  4. Content Packs for All Gamemodes


  5. Adds a respawn feature to boss gamemodes like Deathrun, VSH and Freak Fortress, aka a second life.

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  6. Bowling Public

    Bowling Gamemode for Team Fortress 2

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