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# grackle is small libary to access twitter, retrieve data from it, send data to twitter and more.
# find out more about grackle here:
require 'rubygems'
require 'grackle'
# To communicate with twitter we need a client.
# yes, it's this simple, all boring things are hidden
client =
# First let's see for some information about a User
puts y'TomK32')
# We can also search
puts y :q => 'ruby twitter'
# here you have to change the username and password
client =>{:type=>:basic,:username=>'yourusername',:password=>'yourpassword'})
# and now you can put a new status
client.statuses.update! :status=>'this status is from my grackle client'
# Want to try more, read the official API and just try out.
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