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# How to rebuild these static binaries:
# - using buildroot scripts <>
# - unpack buildroot in /usr/src
# - copy busybox config (generated by busybox bbconfig) to /usr/src/buildroot-source/package/busybox/busybox-1.20.x.config
# - cd /usr/src/buildroot-sources
# - make menuconfig
# - configure buildroot to compile static libraries, set target processor architecture, and so on
# - some manual tweaking is necessary so buildroot properly compiles ntfs-3g driver, sorry
# - make
# - find static binaries in /usr/src/buildroot-sources/output/target/bin/ etc
# - all sources can be found at
# Automatically determine the architecture we're building on:
if [ -z "$MYARCH" ]; then
case "$( uname -m )" in
i?86) export MYARCH=i486 ;;
arm*) export MYARCH=arm ;;
# Unless $MYARCH is already set, use uname -m for all other archs:
*) export MYARCH=$( uname -m ) ;;
ln -f busybox-$MYARCH ./busybox
ln -f mount.ntfs-3g-$MYARCH ./mount.ntfs-3g
ln -f mount.dynfilefs-$MYARCH ./mount.dynfilefs
ln -f eject-$MYARCH ./eject
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