A library for easily create OData REST API, abide by OData protocol.
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Create awesome REST APIs abide by OData Protocol v4. Its purpose is to easier to creating APIs, make you more focus on business logic.

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var odata = require('node-odata');

var server = odata('mongodb://localhost/my-app');

server.resource('books', {
  title: String,
  price: Number


Registers the following routes:

GET    /books
GET    /books(:id)
POST   /books
PUT    /books(:id)
DELETE /books(:id)

Use the following OData query:

GET /books?$select=id, title
GET /books?$top=3&$skip=2
GET /books?$orderby=price desc
GET /books?$filter=price gt 10
GET ...

Further options

The odata constructor takes 3 arguments: odata(<mongoURL>, <dbPrefix>, <options>);

The options object currently only supports one parameter: expressRequestLimit, this will be parsed to the express middelware as the "limit" option, which allows for configuring express to support larger requests. It can be either a number or a string like "50kb", 20mb", etc.

Current State

node-odata is currently at an beta stage, it is stable but not 100% feature complete. node-odata is written by ECMAScript 6 then compiled by babel. It currently have to dependent on MongoDB yet. The current target is to add more features (eg. $metadata) and make to support other database. (eg. MySQL, PostgreSQL).


npm install node-odata



Live demo and try it:

Support Feature

  • Full CRUD Support
  • $count
  • $filter
    • Comparison Operators
      • eq
      • ne
      • lt
      • le
      • gt
      • ge
    • Logical Operators
      • and
      • or
      • not
    • Comparison Operators
      • has
    • String Functions
      • indexof
      • contains
      • endswith
      • startswith
      • length
      • substring
      • tolower
      • toupper
      • trim
      • concat
    • Arithmetic Operators
      • add
      • sub
      • mul
      • div
      • mod
    • Date Functions
      • year
      • month
      • day
      • hour
      • minute
      • second
      • fractionalseconds
      • date
      • time
      • totaloffsetminutes
      • now
      • mindatetime
      • maxdatetime
    • Math Functions
      • round
      • floor
      • ceiling
  • $select
  • $top
  • $skip
  • $orderby
  • $expand
  • $metadata generation (Nonstandard)


We always welcome contributions to help make node-odata better. Please feel free to contribute to this project.


node-odata is licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.