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<title>Basic Example</title>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=UTF-8">
<script src="../dist/trackdrive-optimizer.js"></script>
// Grab the token from ?token=somevalue
var offer_token = TrackdrivejQuery.urlParam('token');
var options = {
// Your api token from
offer_token: offer_token,
// This default will be used if no tracking was available.
default_number: {
human_number: "(855) 879-7917",
plain_number: "+18558797917"
// replace all occurrences 866-338-7600, +18663387600, and [placeholder]
Trackdrive.Optimizer.replace_all(options, [
['866-338-7600', 'dashed_number'],
['+18663387600', 'plain_number'],
['[placeholder]', 'human_number'],
['(866) 338-7600', 'human_number'],
['[dotted]', 'dotted_number'],
<p>866-338-7600 is a great telephone number.</p>
<p>(866) 338-7600 is a great telephone number.</p>
<p>+18663387600 is the best number.</p>
<a href="tel:+18663387600">+18663387600</a>
<a href="tel:[placeholder]">[placeholder]</a>
<a href="tel:[placeholder]">Dotted: [dotted]</a>