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# :stopdoc:
# The Pattern layout can colorize log events based on a provided color scheme.
# The configuration is a two part process. First the color scheme is defined
# with the level colors and any pattern token colors. This color scheme is
# then passed by name to the Pattern layout when it is created.
# The color scheme defines colors to be applied to the level token found in
# the pattern layout. So that the "info" level will have one color, and the
# "fatal" level will have a separate color. This applies only to the level
# token in the Pattern layout.
# Common tokens can have their own color, too. The date token can be colored
# blue, and the message token can be colored magenta.
# Colorization should only be applied to TTY logging destinations like STDOUT
# and STDERR. Inserting color codes into a log file is generally considered
# bad form; these color codes cause issues for some command line programs like
# "less" and "more".
# A 'default" color scheme is provided with the Logging framework. In the
# example below we create our own color scheme called 'bright' and apply it to
# the 'stdout' appender.
require 'logging'
# here we setup a color scheme called 'bright'
Logging.color_scheme( 'bright',
:levels => {
:info => :green,
:warn => :yellow,
:error => :red,
:fatal => [:white, :on_red]
:date => :blue,
:logger => :cyan,
:message => :magenta
:layout => Logging.layouts.pattern(
:pattern => '[%d] %-5l %c: %m\n',
:color_scheme => 'bright'
log = Logging.logger['Happy::Colors']
log.add_appenders 'stdout'
log.level = :debug
# these log messages will be nicely colored
# the level will be colored differently for each message
log.debug "a very nice little debug message" "things are operating nominally"
log.warn "this is your last warning"
log.error"something went horribly wrong")
log.fatal "I Die!"
# :startdoc: