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Codea Runtime Library for iPad by Two Lives Left
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Codea Runtime Library (BETA)

This is the Codea Runtime Library. It provides all the Lua bindings, graphics, sound and runtime engine for Codea on iPad. Using this library you can create standalone apps from a Codea project.

This version is a BETA. Please report any issues to us on the issue tracker on github. The underlying library is release-worthy, but the related scripts could have issues.


The topmost is the current version.

  • 1.4.3 Current Codea Version - Mostly bug fixes
  • 1.4.2 Current Codea Beta version
  • 1.4.1 Current Codea version
  • 1.3.6 Release BETA Version


The Codea Runtime Library is Copyright 2012 Two Lives Left and is licensed under the Apache License v2.0.


The Codea Runtime Library requires Mac OS X and the iOS 5.0 Developer Tools. An iOS Developer License is required to build for devices and distribute on the Apple App Store.


Extracting your project's codea folder from the iPad can be done using iExplorer

  1. Run the script from a Terminal session. It takes a parameter which is the name of the app.
    • eg, ./ Test will create a folder called Test with a CodeaTemplate.xcodeproj file inside it and targets of the same name set up
  2. Open the CodeaTemplate.xcodeproj project in Xcode.
  3. Delete the existing the Project.codea file from the Classes group and select Move To Trash
  4. Rename your codea project Project.codea
  5. Drag and drop your project into the Xcode project
  6. Check the "Copy items into destination folder's group (if needed)"
  7. Select "Create folder references for any added folders" and make sure your app's target is selected. Click Finish
  8. Setup the bundle id and Icon for your project as per usual


Please report any issue on the github issue tracker, and/or on the Codea forums.

Open Source Libraries

The Codea Runtime Library uses the following open source libraries with gratitude to the developers:

In addition, the Codea API was inspired by Processing.

Sprite Pack Attribution

Copyright and Trademark Guidelines

Guidelines for app developers using the Codea Runtime Library to produce apps for distribution.

Authorized Use of Two Lives Left Trademarks

  • Attribution: You may use the Codea trademark when attributing Codea in your application, for example
    • You may include the "Made with Codea™" graphic in your application
    • You may describe your application as "Made with Codea" or "Made with the Codea Runtime Library" in your application's marketing materials

Unauthorized Use of Two Lives Left Trademarks

  • Company, Product, or Service Name: You may not use or register Codea, Two Lives Left, or any other Two Lives Left-owned trademark as part of a company name, product name, trade name or service name. This includes Two Lives Left-owned graphic symbols, logos and icons.
  • Endorsement: You may not use Codea, Two Lives Left, or any other Two Lives Left-owned tradmarks in a manner that would imply Two Lives Left's endorsement of a third party product or service.

Marketing Graphics for Use in Your Products

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