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No more! Stop copy/pasting magnet links and uploading torrent files through a tedious webinterface. Electorrent is your new desktop remote torrenting application. Remote control your NAS, VPS, seedbox - you name it.


Electorrent can connect to the following bittorrent clients:


Please note: I do not own code signing certificates which may results in anti-virus warnings!


  • Connects to your favorite torrent client
  • Handles the magnet link protocol when browsing websites
  • Upload local torrent files by browsing your filesystem (Ctrl/Cmd+O)
  • Drag-and-drop support for torrent files
  • Paste magnet links directly from your clipboard (Ctrl/Cmd+I)
  • Quickly change between multiple server configurations
  • Native desktop notifications
  • Fuzzy searching of torrents
  • Built in certificate trust system (for self-signed certificates)
  • Easy one click installer using Squirrel framework
  • Automatic updates straight from the GitHub repository!



  • Your program sucks. It doesn't support my bittorrent client

What an opportunity! Now open an issue telling me which bittorrent client you would like to see next :)

  • What kind of technologies are used to build this?

The application is build around Electron, AngularJS and SemanticUI

  • I can't connect to rTorrent what is wrong?

When using rTorrent you have to configure your http server correctly. Follow this guide to make sure you have it set up correctly