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danyork commented Feb 22, 2012

I just realized that the installation instructions don't mention that in a WordPress MultiSite environment you should "Network Activate" the plugin.

I just installed the plugin into one of my sites that uses WordPress MultiSite. Then, instead of doing "Network Activate", I said to myself that I'd just test it in one of the blogs. I went to that blog and to the plugins menu where I clicked "Activate" on the plugin... but of course that was useless because updating the themes in a MultiSite installation is ONLY possible through the "Network Admin" interface. When I went to the Appearance->Themes in my test blog there was no update info at all, as there shouldn't be.

Interestingly, when I then went into Network Admin and into Themes, I did see that an update was available for a Github-hosted theme. So essentially activating the plugin for one of the blogs did do a "network" activation.

This should be clarified in the installation instructions. (And I'll volunteer to add the text sometime in the next week or so if no one else does it first.)

conover was assigned Jul 23, 2012


conover commented Jul 23, 2012

Updated the README.

conover closed this Jul 23, 2012


danyork commented Jul 23, 2012

Excellent! But I do see a typo of "multsite" instead of "multisite":

With the plugin installed and activated (it must be network activated on multsite installs) on your site


conover commented Jul 23, 2012

Ack. I'll fix that in a bit. The new version is already pushed to the WordPress plugins site.

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