An extension for interacting, calibrating, and using cameras in Slicer
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An extension for interacting and calibrating videoCameras using 3D Slicer streamed from a PlusServer.

Current Modules

The following modules are currently implemented:

VideoCamera Calibration

  • Intrinsic calibration: Assuming a pinhole model, discover the camera parameters using a 6x9 checkerboard or 4x11 circle pattern image.
    • Requires a videoCamera node be created
    • Select the input image streamed from a PlusServer, via the OpenIGTLinkIF module.
    • Select the StylusTipToCamera transform streamed from a PlusServer
  • Tracker registration: This module enables the registration of an external tracker marker attached to the camera and the camera coordinate system
    • Uses a tracked stylus that has been pivot calibrated in order to determine the pose of the stylus tip.
    • User must manually identify the location of the stylus tip in the image by clicking 'Capture' and then clicking on the tip in the image.

VideoCamera Ray Intersection

  • This module collects a number of rays in external tracker space and calculates the intersection point and mean distance error.

Future Work

The following ideas may be implemented in the future:

Stereo Cameras

A number of modules for calibrating and registering stereo cameras from within Slicer