[HL2] Wrong camera zoom/placement for menu backgrounds #718

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Menu background maps are having trouble with camera zoom (or placement). And skyboxes seem to be broken too.


Do you have a custom FOV?

Tea23 commented May 17, 2013

I know I don't have a custom FOV, but I do know I'm having the same issue. With Portal as well, actually, come to think of it.


Can you post your OS details, the resolution you are running the game at and the value of fov_desired please.

@alfred-valve alfred-valve was assigned May 17, 2013

OS: Win7 x64
Res.: 1280x720
fov_desired = 90


fov_desired = 90

that is your problem, 75 is the default (and expected).

If you flip to 75 does it fix the issue?


Yes, it did, but I still suggest this needs to be fixed, because what was the reason of putting FOV option in the settings menu if it wasn't even expected to work properly?


The ability to change FOV is a recent feature, one aimed at the multiplayer products. Fixing it would be nice but the time investment may not be worth the payoff here.

@triage-valve triage-valve was assigned May 17, 2013
ghost commented May 18, 2013

The solution is easy - just add an env_zoom entity to each map that locks the FOV to 75 on level start, and then just patch it in with LMP files. I have already fixed it for myself and it really doesn't take too long.


Post the patched lmp's here please :)

ghost commented May 20, 2013

(I'm not exactly sure how you would have wanted me to upload this - I hope dropbox is okay)
-locked FOV to 75 on all background maps from HL2, EP1, EP2, LC, and PORTAL
-included fixed skyboxes; skies will no longer appear stretched
-fixed wrong startup texture displaying on widescreen for ep2_background02a
-patched intro.bsp to work correctly as a menu background

Games that use copies of hl2_misc and hl2_textures indepedent of HL2 (PORTAL, TF2, DODS, CSS, HL2DM) will need to have fixed skyboxes installed there as well as HL2's own VPKs.

Plagman commented May 21, 2013

That's awesome! Weren't people complaining about stretched skyboxes in regular maps as well? Is it the same root cause?


Looks great @pepper314 , we will update this with the next beta.

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