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[Opposing Force] Security guard does not spawn #844

ribeirobreno opened this Issue Mar 30, 2013 · 19 comments


None yet
  • Start a new game on any difficulty
  • After the intro sequence:
    • get out of the room,
    • get your vest,
    • go to the locked door
  • The guard that should kill a zombie and open the door for you is not there

The guard: http://youtu.be/ZmwRukWZbT0?t=5m10s
Here i just see the zombie (alive).

There is also the same problem with training part: In initial sequence your fellow soldiers are not spawn:
That's how it should look like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LfjAkk7hMY
In linux version you are alone.

Probably training is easier to debug =)

@ghost ghost assigned alfred-valve Mar 30, 2013

dimgel commented Mar 31, 2013

I confirm the bug (rechecked right now), gentoo / amd64.


ghost commented Mar 31, 2013

Confirmed here as well, Arch x86_64. This was on a fresh install.


spikeh commented Mar 31, 2013

Confirmed, Arch 64.

kilolife commented Apr 1, 2013

Confirmed, Ubuntu 13.04 32bit

Confirmed Debian wheezy amd64 - NVIDIA 660 GTX

Confirmed, Kubuntu 12.10.

robled commented Apr 2, 2013

Just received an update to Opposing Force. I can confirm that this is resolved. Note that you must start a new game to get the security guard to appear. Do not use a pre-existing save.


ghost commented Apr 2, 2013

Yep, also confirming that both the security guard and training NPC's are all accounted for now, nice :)

The issue has not been solved for me. I started steam, an update of less than 6MB came through, I restarted steam even, and started a new game on medium difficulty. Still, no guard.


ghost commented Apr 2, 2013

Before I realised this was fixed, I had deleted my Half-Life/gearbox directory and removed Opposing Force from my installed games list, may be worth a try. (I've so far got to the "We are not Alone" chapter without any missing NPC's).

Deleting local data and reinstalling it worked.

dimgel commented Apr 2, 2013

Could not check because #900.

SBeaver commented Apr 5, 2013

I got past the security guard by using noclip cheat in developer mode so I reached the end of the game.
After the final boss is killed, he disappears quickly and there is only a big cloud of colorful smoke left but the game doesn't end.
I could walk around and walk inside the cloud of smoke but there is no way to finish the game.
This was using a save from before the security guard bug was fixed though.


ghost commented Apr 5, 2013

@SBeaver -- there is an open ticket about that here #917

The security guard and soldiers in the training mission spawned fine for me on my first playthrough, but after I validated my download, Steam redownloaded 16 "broken" files for Half Life (which played perfectly fine), and after that the security guard never spawned again, making a second playthrough impossible. Sounds like different versions of the game are being mashed together and, as you would expect, things break.

After that, it kept saying that 2 files are broken and keeps redownloading them, but it never fixes it.

EDIT: After the security guard failed to load, I revalidated the download again, and this time 3 files failed the checksum instead of 2. It redownloaded the corrupt file and now it works again. It seems that the game is clobbering its own files that it should only be reading.


alfred-valve commented Apr 26, 2013

@unbridledExuberance , this should be fixed now.

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