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Incorrect button mapping in Big Picture Mode (XBOX 360 gamepad) #95

ghost opened this Issue · 19 comments

OS: Arch Linux x86_64
Gamepad: XBOX 360 Controller

"B" registers as "A" and "X" registers as "B".

LT and RT do not work at all. I can't even rebind them in the settings menu.

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I have the same issue - Linux Mint 13 (Maya)


+1 same issue, but easy to fix inside of BigPicture. Just go to settings and reassign controller buttons

@alfred-valve alfred-valve was assigned

+1. Same issue for my wired XBOX 360 controller. Thank you for Arxcis' tip.


@Arxcis The triggers do not work. Even in the settings menu.


+1 exactly same issue on exactly same hardware


I can configure my Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, but steam does not save the settings, every time I start my PC, I have to reconfigure it again.


I have Logitech F510 with XInput mode (mimics xbox 360 controller). After 1st BP start i hade same problems but after configuration its gone.


The problem is that the xpad kernel driver seems to have problems with newer xbox controllers/receivers. One possible solution is to use the userspace xboxdrv: this solves all problems with steam and most games for me. :)


Yep, xboxdrv is realy better, then xpad driver. Unfortunatelly, there are several difficulties to use it with more then one controller.
I create an issue in their github page and ask to add support of multiple controllers in one conf file.
By the way, the config file is the second difficult quest in xboxdrv configuration =)


Yes, even though the xboxdrv driver is better, it still doesn't work with Big Picture Mode at all for me, as I'm still getting the X=B and B=A errors, and nothing else works really. Has this really not been addressed at all? Especially since they basically want you to use a 360 controller anyway.


Are there any proceedings on this one? Or has anybody ideas for as possible alternative fix?

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The next Steam client has some controller support fixes, but it's unclear if it will address your issue.


Hey gdrewb, it didn't fix it.


@shanefagan, can you report a new bug with the details of your controller, Linux version, hardware driver?


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+1 have the same issue
System spec

ArchLinux x86_64
kernel version 3.12.3-1 repo
Steam built DEC 11 2013
Steam API:v012
xbox360 wireless controller MODEL 1403
xbox360 knock off wireless receiver

Have use the kernel xpad dirver and xboxdrv but same problem occurs, button mapping wrong/ button not detected. Steam Games (metro last light) see the controller but no button's are working.

Thanks guys


I'm having this issue too.
Xbox Wireless adapter
xboxdrv 0.8.5
Kernel: 3.10.25-gentoo

Steam built: Jan 25 2014
Steam API:V012


I haven't tried on my Linux partitions but the issue is also happening on the Windows Client.


I'm having this issue on Arch, Kernel x86_64 Linux 4.2.2-1-ARCH. I'd be happy to poke around configs logs and the like upon request.

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