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At the moment, we have status-based effects from equipment allowing player stats to be raised or lowered by equipment type. However, we have limited things to just stat changes, AKA passive effects. We would like to also be able to create equipment that is non-passive, such as Regen or Drain effects.

My suggestion:

  • Since these are actual effects, we should try and use the normal effect supervisor for this. The appropriate graphic and negation logic should take place. This is unlike passive effects, which get calculated once before the battle starts and acts as the "base stats" for the character during the entire battle
  • To support this, allow a infinite-duration effect to be made.
  • before battle begins, simply fire off all of these types of effects into the effect supervisor.

I'll add that regen/drain effects should have their own update frequency, setup non-hardcoded within the status.lua file. Support for a parameter like 'update_every' should permit to trigger the update function only every N ms if given.
That way, restoring/draining should be very easy to script.


Ah, also such effects will also plague the concerned characters on map, preferably with applying the same function atthe same rythm. A lot of coding fun is awaiting. ;)

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i'm currently in the process of designing this (on paper) while pushing small pieces when I'm rather sure of them. :)

  • I added support for the HP/SP regen/Drain by adding a 'update-every-ms' parameter in: 050cfec
    This permits to trigger poisoning/regen only every several seconds or so, for instance.
  • I added support to run elemental effect in the effect supervisor and show them through indicators in: 747daf3
    This will permit to properly handle elemental effects in battles as normal status effects.
  • I now need to implement (and I am currently doing it) support for elemental based magical atk/def to finish support of elemental effects. 6705a17 2221e4c (deharcoding the elemental status effect passive call is missing)
  • I'll need to move the status effects handling onto the GlobalActor class since I want the effects to be cross-used between the map mode and the battle mode. E.g.: A character is poisoned in battle, wins it, and he's still poisoned when walking on the map, and still poisoned when going back into another battle.

Note to self:
I think I'll specialize the status effect Apply() functions by adding a new ApplyPassive() function to handle the differenciation between active and passive effects.

Once all that stuff is done. I do think the elemental side of the engine will be not far from being complete. :D

@Bertram25 Bertram25 was assigned Jun 11, 2013

status effects from equipment are mostly done in: b44d7c4

What's lacking is the call of UpdatePassive() within battles for now.

@Bertram25 Bertram25 pushed a commit that closed this issue Jun 20, 2013
Yohann Ferreira Made the passive effects be updated in battles.
I also started moving some common logic back to the global status effect

And I tried to clarify in the status.lua what is a battle function
and what is global one.

What's left is to create a passive status effect class for battles
as the use of full battle status effects is useless for passive effects.

And had the same functionalities for the map mode.

Yet, this is sufficient to close #141
@Bertram25 Bertram25 closed this in ce6a062 Jun 20, 2013
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