Visual Exploration of New York City Taxi Trips
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  1. Compile from source

1.1) Dependencies

The TLCVis code has the following dependencies

  • CMake (Minimum 2.6)
  • Qt 4 (4.8.5 or higher)
  • Qt 4 Webkit (4.8.5 or higher)
  • OpenGL/GLEW (1.10.0-3 or higher)
  • Boost (Minimum 1.42, required components system iostreams filesystem timer)

1.2) Compiling with CMake

If all dependencies are installed, just go to the src/TaxiVis directory and do:

mkdir build cd build cmake ../ Make

1.3) Compiling with QMake

After changing the file to properly reference the dependencies, just go to the src/TaxiVis directory and do:

qmake make

  1. Running

2.1) Data

The default data directory used TaxiVis is data directory included in the repository. You can configure this in either CMakeLists.txt file or one.

A sample data set consistings of 10000 trips on Jan 2013 (obtained from is provided. This data has been already indexed and can be found in the data directory in the sample_merged_1.kdtrip file.

The doc directory contains information on how to use the code in the src/preprocess folder to index new taxi data to be included in the system.

2.2) Executing Assuming that the data is in the right location, you can execute the TaxiVis file created in the build directory.