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@vc-ci vc-ci released this Mar 5, 2019

  • Added Swagger document for API controllers available at /docs/v1/docs.json. #202
  • Migrated Storefront to NET Core 2.2.1. #205
  • Added ability to reset password by SMS. #212
  • Fixed 400 Bad Request errors occured sometimes for POST requests due to antiforgery validation. That situation could happen when static resource request enforced new antiforgery token issue, which made previously granted tokens invalid.
  • Added response compression to storefront.
  • Now proper error page is shown in case of 500 server in production configuration.
  • Now properties Group, SortOrder, LanuageCode are properly filled in Catalog.ImageEntity. #213
  • Fixed the bug with the cache settings were taken from config weren't applied
  • Fixed the bug with transient cart invalidation in cache. Before the fix all who used temporary cart shared single cached instance because of empty Id property.
  • Fixed bug with Contact loosing its organizations on update. #215
  • Moved MemoryCacheExtensions to Model project and switched Liquid engine to use this extension for cache.
  • Made WorkContext.PageSize configurable limited by configurable PageSizeMaxValue. #208
"VirtoCommerce": {
    "PageSizeMaxValue": 100,
  • Proper naming: pooling replaced with polling #207
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