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Please Support Bazaar #30

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If I include gocheck in my Godeps, I get a "Not a git repository error"

# Test dependnecies                 r2013.03.03
➜  looper git:(master) ✗ johnny_deps
>> Getting package
>> Getting package
>> Getting package
>> Getting package
>> Setting to version 6f81280f93607303140434290f00ee0a269904ad
>> Setting to version b92e3eea87ef1eb6717e8d939684af3fb005980a
>> Setting to version 7beb45183d2ab48bfc9616d9a019513a123a4983
>> Setting to version r2013.03.03
fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git


Thanks for the suggestion, but I've decided that since we only use Git at VividCortex, this isn't something I want to add to our code. I am sure, however, that Pote would welcome a PR against his fork.

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Support other VCSs #6

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