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Hubot = require 'hubot'
Fs = require 'fs'
Path = require 'path'
HTTP = require 'http'
Options =
adapter: "irc"
alias: '!'
enableHttpd: true
name: "Hubot"
path: "."
adapterPath = Path.resolve __dirname, "node_modules/hubot", "src", "adapters"
robot = Hubot.loadBot adapterPath, Options.adapter, Options.enableHttpd,
robot.alias = Options.alias
loadScripts = ->
scriptsPath = Path.resolve ".", "scripts"
robot.load scriptsPath
scriptsPath = Path.resolve "src", "scripts"
robot.load scriptsPath
scriptsFile = Path.resolve "hubot-scripts.json"
Path.exists scriptsFile, (exists) =>
if exists
Fs.readFile scriptsFile, (err, data) ->
scripts = JSON.parse data
scriptsPath = Path.resolve "node_modules", "hubot-scripts", "src", "scripts"
robot.loadHubotScripts scriptsPath, scripts
robot.adapter.on 'connected', loadScripts
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