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Ant tasks for managing Liberty profile server instances #devops
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Collection of Ant tasks for managing WebSphere Application Server Liberty servers and applications.


Use Maven 2.x or 3.x to build the Ant tasks.

  • mvn install : builds the Ant tasks.
  • mvn install -Poffline-its -DwlpInstallDir=<liberty_install_directory> : builds the Ant tasks and runs the integration tests by providing an existing installation.
  • mvn install -Ponline-its -DwlpVersion=<liberty_version> -DwlpLicense=<liberty_license_code> : builds the Ant tasks and runs the integration tests by downloading a new server.
    • Liberty versions and their respective link to the license code can be found in the index.yml file. You can obtain the license code by reading the current license and looking for the D/N: line.


To use the Liberty Ant tasks in your build scripts you need to:

  1. Declare the antlib namespace in your build.xml file:
<project xmlns:wlp="antlib:net.wasdev.wlp.ant">
  1. Make Liberty Ant tasks available in your build script by:
  • Copying wlp-anttasks.jar into $ANT_HOME/lib directory, or

  • Using the typedef task to load the Liberty tasks, for example:

    <typedef resource="net/wasdev/wlp/ant/antlib.xml"

    The latest build of wlp-anttasks.jar can be obtained from the Sonatype OSS Maven snapshot repository.


The wlp-anttasks.jar provides the following tasks.

Task Description
install-liberty The install-liberty task is used to download and install a Liberty server. The task can download the Liberty runtime archive from a specified location (via runtimeUrl) or automatically resolve it from the Liberty repository based on a version and a runtime type.
server The server task supports the operations: create, start, run, stop, status, package, dump and javadump.
deploy The deploy task supports deployment of one or more applications to the Liberty server.
undeploy The undeploy task supports undeployment of a single application from the Liberty server.
install-feature The install-feature task installs a feature packaged as a Subsystem Archive (ESA file) to the Liberty runtime.
uninstall-feature The uninstall-feature task uninstalls a feature from the Liberty runtime.
clean The clean task deletes every file in the ${wlp_output_dir}/logs, ${wlp_output_dir}/workarea, ${wlp_user_dir}/dropins or ${wlp_user_dir}/apps.
compileJSPs The compileJSPs task compiles JSP files so they do not need to be compiled on demand at runtime.
springBootUtil The SpringBootUtilTask task thins a spring boot fat jar, pulling out the runtime dependencies into a local library and producing a much smaller jar containing only the application logic. Use this capability to create efficient Docker layers for your Spring Boot application.


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