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@hirokiterashima hirokiterashima released this Oct 18, 2019 · 273 commits to develop since this release

This patch release fixes a bug that was introduced in the 5.8.0 release where one could not create new projects or runs from an empty database state.

Bug fixes

  • #2037 GetMaxID throws NullPointerException when database is empty; No projects or runs.
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@hirokiterashima hirokiterashima released this Sep 30, 2019 · 713 commits to develop since this release


This release includes an entirely new portal front-end application written in Angular, as well as support for load-balancing and a backend re-written with Spring-Boot.

Some major features of the new portal site are:

  • Updated page aesthetics, design, and structure
  • New WISE unit library, including search and filtering by Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
  • Redesigned teacher and student classroom schedules
  • Google Classroom integration (sign up with Google + add WISE units as Google Classroom assignments)

Other selected new features:

  • Milestones and Teacher Action Reports: Milestones and Teacher Action Reports: Notifies teachers when the class has completed a certain checkpoint, can provide summary data and suggest potential teacher interventions.
  • Teacher Notebook: A persistent space for teachers to take notes during a classroom run.
  • Summary component: This allows teachers and students to view a bar graph of the aggregate student responses or scores. You can read more about it here.

Closed Issues for This Release (Caveat: we culled 100+ issues to clean up our workspace. Many of these will make their way into the applications that we write in the future.)

Upgrade Instructions

Database changes

  • ALTER TABLE user_details ADD googleUserId varchar(255) NULL;
  • ALTER TABLE teacher_user_details MODIFY curriculumsubjects TINYBLOB NULL;
  • ALTER TABLE student_user_details MODIFY accountanswer varchar(255);
  • ALTER TABLE student_user_details MODIFY accountquestion varchar(255);
  • ALTER TABLE `user_details` ADD COLUMN `reset_password_verification_code_request_time` DATETIME NULL DEFAULT NULL AFTER `googleUserId`, ADD COLUMN `reset_password_verification_code` VARCHAR(255) NULL DEFAULT NULL AFTER `reset_password_verification_code_request_time`, ADD COLUMN `recent_failed_verification_code_attempt_time` DATETIME NULL DEFAULT NULL AFTER `reset_password_verification_code`, ADD COLUMN `recent_number_of_failed_verification_code_attempts` INT(11) NULL DEFAULT NULL AFTER `recent_failed_verification_code_attempt_time`;
  • ALTER TABLE notebookItems MODIFY periodId bigint null;
  • ALTER TABLE portal ADD announcement MEDIUMTEXT;
  • UPDATE portal SET announcement = '{"visible": false,"bannerText": "","bannerButton": "","title": "","content": "","buttons": []}' WHERE id = 1;

Install Redis and run command redis-cli config set notify-keyspace-events Egx
We are now using Redis to manage user sessions.

Properties file changes
We are no longer using and have moved over to using Copy to a new file named and place it in the same folder. Modify the values in accordingly.

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@geoffreykwan geoffreykwan released this Jul 31, 2018 · 2320 commits to develop since this release


  • Added Lombok usage to clean up Java getters and setters #1362
  • Authoring Tool
    • Added a Copying Project indicator #1309
    • Added a Loading Project indicator #1314
    • Removed importPreviousWorkNodeId and importPreviousWorkComponentId #1323
    • Removed showPreviousWorkNodeId and showPreviousWorkComponentId #1324
    • Moved tag authoring functions to parent #1329
    • Removed originalComponentContent from code #1331
    • Moved common authoring functions to parent #1333
    • Added rubric label #1339
    • Removed registerExitListener() from components #1342
  • Animation
    • Removed unused code #1340
    • Refactored authoring code and added unit tests #1344
    • Refactored vle code code and added unit tests #1346
    • Fixed the "Add Data Source" tooltip #1352
  • Graph
    • Fixed a problem with Reset when there is a connected component #1252
  • Match
    • Added authoring for the horizontal parameter #1308
    • Added "Source Bucket" and "Target Bucket" terminology #1319
    • Fixed a bug where an image could not be selected for a bucket #1325
  • Multiple Choice
    • Made it easier to import/show work from another Multiple Choice #1316
  • Components
    • Removed setSaveMessage() in all components and replaced it with setSavedMessage(), setAutoSavedMessage(), and setSubmittedMessage() #1349
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@hirokiterashima hirokiterashima released this Jun 16, 2018 · 2450 commits to develop since this release


  • Concept Map
    • Allow hide node titles #777
    • Moved authoring html and controller functions to separate authoring files #1264
  • Match
    • Refactored component code #1236
  • Notebook
    • Fixed a bug when adding a note in preview mode #1239
    • Fixed a bug inserting a note into the report #1293
    • Implemented importing private notes as choices in a Match component #1236
    • Components can now individually enable or disable the "Add to Notebook" button #1247
  • Misc
    • Extracted Authoring code to separate controller #1253
    • Fixed a problem with components not loading if they referenced a file name that contained an apostrophe #818
    • Admin users can edit project library groups for the new site homepage #1217
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@hirokiterashima hirokiterashima released this May 25, 2018 · 2530 commits to develop since this release

Notable changes

  • Authoring Tool
    • Improved the JSON authoring view #1207
  • ConceptMap
    • Added delete button to Concept Map link type chooser popup #1206
  • Code Improvements
    • Refactor ProjectService.es6: split file into different modules #1153
    • Create parent component service #1216
    • Added more tests #1157
  • Misc
    • Fix caching problem after updating server with new release #1186

See all closed issues for this release here

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@hirokiterashima hirokiterashima released this May 7, 2018 · 2567 commits to develop since this release

Major changes

  • Initial release of Public Notebook
  • Bug fixes
    -- Fixed html typo on student homepage
  • Code clean up

Database Changes

# add columns for the new public notebook feature
ALTER TABLE notebookItems ADD parentNotebookItemId INT(11) NULL;
ALTER TABLE notebookItems ADD groups TEXT NULL;
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@hirokiterashima hirokiterashima released this Apr 13, 2018 · 2634 commits to develop since this release

  1. Authoring Tool
    1. Moved the save message to the top bar. Added a spinning progress indicator when the Authoring Tool is in the process of saving. #923.
    2. We now show a confirm popup when an author tries to upload a large file. #832
    3. When an author uploads an image to be used in a field like a background, the image name is immediately populated into the field without having to click the choose button. #935.
    4. Fixed a problem with metadata not saving. #1128.
    5. Refactored code
  2. Implemented the WISE4 MySystem to WISE5 Concept Map converter. #1142.
  3. Export: Fixed a problem with student response values creating multiple cells if they contained a comma #1146
  4. Fixed the WISE logo link to use the server context path. #1115.
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@hirokiterashima hirokiterashima released this Apr 6, 2018 · 2655 commits to develop since this release

Discussion Component: Implemented showing posts from another Discussion component. #1118

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@hirokiterashima hirokiterashima released this Mar 29, 2018 · 2661 commits to develop since this release

Major Changes

  1. VLE improvements
    1. Improved initial loading time for projects with a lot of branch points.
    2. Now uses the new layout where step select drop down is in between the previous and next buttons.
    3. Increased number of options that are shown in the step select drop down from 5 to 10.
  2. AT improvements
    1. Added Help Documentation
    2. Added branch point, constraint, and rubric icons next to steps when in project view. Shows detailed info in tooltips. #1049 and #1050
    3. Now uses the new layout where step select drop down is in between the previous and next buttons.
    4. Improved the Constraint authoring UI
  3. Implemented importing work between components
    1. Concept Map, Embedded, Graph, Label, Table -> Draw
    2. Concept Map, Draw, Embedded, Graph, Table -> Label
    3. Draw, Embedded, Graph, Label, Table -> Concept Map
    4. Concept Map, Draw, Label -> Graph
  4. Label Component improvements
    1. Changed text position relative -> absolute to the dot
    2. Added padding to labels
  5. Open Response component improvements
    1. Added Custom Completion Criteria authoring.

Minor Changes

  1. Authoring Tool
    1. New: Added the ability to insert a step as the first step in an inactive activity.
    2. New: Added the ability to create a new step and place it directly in the Unused section.
    3. New: Added the ability to move inactive activities around within the Inactive Activities section.
    4. New: Added routes to go directly to the constraints view and transitions view so that authors can click on the constraint or branch icons in the project view and be brought directly to the appropriate view.
    5. New: Added a Verify button for the CRater item id in the Open Response Component. #890
    6. New: When an author clicks the Create button to create a project, we now display a message indicator and also disable the inputs so that they can't accidentally make multiple requests to create a project. #1046.
    7. Bug fix: where tooltips would have multiple lines even if the text only used one line.
    8. Bug fix: moving an active step into an inactive activity did not work properly.
    9. Bug fix: moving an inactive step within an inactive group to the inactive steps section did not work properly.
    10. Bug fix: deleting a node in an inactive activity would leave dangling references to the deleted node id. #992.
    11. Bug fix: when moving an activity where the Insert Inside and Insert After buttons would both show up for the group0 node when only the Insert Inside button should show up.
    12. Bug fix: where moving an inactive activity within the Inactive Activities section would create duplicates of the step nodes in that activity.
    13. Bug fix: broke a transition when inserting a step as the first step in an activity. #1083.
    14. Bug fix: Fixed a problem with the startNodeId not being updated properly in rare scenarios. #850.
  2. VLE
    1. Bug fix: images not rendering if their src path contained %20 or &. #889.
  3. Table Component improvements
    1. Connected components now merge tables instead of overwriting them.
  4. When the top left WISE logo is clicked in the VLE, Authoring Tool, or Grading Tool, we now send the user to the appropriate teacher/student/not signed in home page.
  5. Grading Tool
    1. Bug fix: unintended fields being saved in the node and component objects in the project.json. #1053
    2. Bug fix: the export would not include student data from the expected steps. #1054.
  6. Portal
    1. Admin owner will now appear in the share project/run teacher listing and project/run owner will not appear in the listing. #884
    2. Admins can now log in as another admin. #1061.
    3. Code improvements
  7. Graph Component
    1. Added custom point tooltips and custom series mouse over ability.
  8. Label Component
    1. New: Made the "Add New Label" button display even when in edit label text mode.
    2. Bug fix: the delete label button being visible while adding a label.
  9. Table Component
    1. New: If the author reduces the number of rows or columns, we no longer display a confirm popup if the rows or columns are empty. #1081.
    2. Bug fix: the label text input losing focus if a single label is clicked on twice.
  10. Other
    1. Implemented polling for WISE instance instead of sleeping for an arbitrary amount of time. #1079.
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Mar 29, 2018
Release 5.7.1
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