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Spring Security Authentication Provider

The Waffle Spring-Security Authenticator implements Windows authentication for Spring-Security-enabled applications. For more information about Spring-Security see here.

Configuring Spring Security

The following steps are required to configure a web server with the Waffle Spring-Security Authenticator and form login.

We'll assume that Spring-Security is configured via web.xml with a filter chain and a Spring context loader listener. The Waffle beans configuration will be added to waffle-auth.xml.


Copy Waffle JARs, including waffle-jna-1.8.1.jar, guava-20.0.jar, jna-4.2.2.jar, jna-platform-4.2.2.jar, slf4j-1.7.21.jar and waffle-spring-security4-1.8.1.jar in the application's lib directory along with Spring and Spring-Security JARs. Or, if you use Maven, add the following to your pom.xml:

  • For latest snapshot instead use waffle-jna-1.9.0-SNAPSHOT, caffeine-2.3.5.jar, jna-4.3.0.jar, jna-platform-4.3.0.jar, slf4j-1.7.22.jar and waffle-spring-security4-1.9.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

Declare a Waffle Windows authentication provider. This is the link between Waffle and the operating system.

<bean id="waffleWindowsAuthProvider" class="" />

Add a Waffle Spring authentication provider.

<bean id="waffleSpringAuthenticationProvider" class="waffle.spring.WindowsAuthenticationProvider">
    <property name="AuthProvider" ref="waffleWindowsAuthProvider" />

Define the Spring-Security authentication manager.

<sec:authentication-manager alias="authenticationProvider">
    <sec:authentication-provider ref="waffleSpringAuthenticationProvider" />

Granted Authorities

Upon successful login, Waffle will populate Spring Security's Authentication object with instances of GrantedAuthority.

By default, Waffle will populate the Authentication object with the following:

  • A GrantedAuthority with the string ROLE_USER.
  • One GrantedAuthority per group to which the user belongs. The GrantedAuthority strings will be the uppercase group name prefixed with ROLE_. For example, if a user is a member of the Everyone group, he obtains the ROLE_EVERYONE granted authority.

The default behavior can be changed by configuring a different defaultGrantedAuthority and grantedAuthorityFactory on the waffleSpringAuthenticationProvider.

Spring Authentication Provider Options

The waffleSpringAuthenticationProvider bean can be configured with the following options.

  • principalFormat: Specifies the name format for the principal.
  • roleFormat: Specifies the name format for the role.
  • allowGuestLogin: Allow guest login. When true and the system's Guest account is enabled, any invalid login succeeds as Guest. That that while the default value of allowGuestLogin is true, it is recommended that you disable the system's Guest account to disallow Guest login. This option is provided for systems where you don't have administrative privileges.
  • defaultGrantedAuthority: Specifies the GrantedAuthority to be added to every successfully authenticated user. By default, the defaultGrantedAuthority will add a GrantedAuthority for ROLE_USER. If you don't want this behavior, you can set the defaultGrantedAuthority to null (if you do not want a GrantedAuthority to be added by default), or some other GrantedAuthority.
  • grantedAuthorityFactory: Used to create GrantedAuthority objects for each of the groups to which the authenticated user belongs. The default grantedAuthorityFactory will construct GrantedAuthority objects whose string is the uppercase group name prefixed with ROLE_.
<bean id="waffleSpringAuthenticationProvider" class="waffle.spring.WindowsAuthenticationProvider">
    <property name="AllowGuestLogin" value="false" />
    <property name="PrincipalFormat" value="fqn" />
    <property name="RoleFormat" value="both" />
    <property name="AuthProvider" ref="waffleWindowsAuthProvider" />

Waffle Spring-Security Form Login Demo

A demo application can be found in the Waffle distribution in the Samples\waffle-spring-form directory. Copy the entire directory into Tomcat's or Jetty's webapps directory and navigate to http://localhost:8080/waffle-spring-form/. Login with your Windows credentials.

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