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BRANCH := master
# Check if live-build is new enough
LB_VERSION:=$(shell lb --version)
# This version has the patches for reproducible builds and corrects the
# syslinux mbr.bin path.
ifneq ($(shell dpkg --compare-versions "$(LB_VERSION)" ge "$(MIN_LB_VERSION)"; echo $$?),0)
$(error live-build is too old, needs at least version $(MIN_LB_VERSION) $(CMP))
#ifneq ($(shell dpkg --compare-versions "$(LB_VERSION)" lt "$(TOONEW_LB_VERSION)"; echo $$?),0)
#$(error live-build is too new, needs at less than version $(TOONEW_LB_VERSION) $(CMP))
VERSION=$(shell cd chroot; git describe --always)
build: TYPE=iso-hybrid
build: binary
build-hdd: TYPE=hdd
build-hdd: binary
build-vbox-hdd: build-hdd
# If there's already a vdi file, try to keep the UUID the same,
# so you don't have to re-add the vdi file in Virtualbox.
if [ -f "$(VDI)" ]; then \
UUID="--uuid $$(VBoxManage showhdinfo $(VDI) | awk '$$1 == "UUID:" {print $$2}')"; \
rm -f $(VDI); \
fi; \
IMG="$(wildcard live-image-i386 live-image-i386.img)"; \
VBoxManage convertfromraw $$IMG $(VDI) $$UUID
binary: clean
# Check that the chroot has no changes
[ -z "$$(cd chroot && git status --porcelain)" ] || \
(echo "You have uncommitted changes in the chroot, bailing out now!" && false)
test -d chroot || git clone --depth 1 -b $(BRANCH) $(REPO) chroot
# Do a shallow clone to minimize image size. This only works
# when using a file:// url (instead of plain path), so we use
# ${CURDIR} to construct an absolute path). If chroot is already
# a shallow clone, then just copy the .git directory
if test -f chroot/.git/shallow; then \
mkdir -p binary/live; \
cp -r chroot/.git binary/live/filesystem.git; \
else \
git clone --no-local --depth 1 --bare file://$(CURDIR)/chroot/.git binary/live/filesystem.git; \
du -sh binary/live/filesystem.git/
git --git-dir=binary/live/filesystem.git remote set-url origin "$(REPO)"
git --git-dir=binary/live/filesystem.git tag initial-revision
# Make the repository look like a non-bare one. It will still
# not have a worktree on disk, but in a running system, the
# filesystem.git directory will be bindmounted as /.git, making
# the root filesystem its worktree
git --git-dir=binary/live/filesystem.git config --replace-all core.bare false
lb config -b $(TYPE) --build-with-chroot false # --chroot-filesystem none
# Remove logs for reproducibility; they contain timestamps
rm -rf binary/live/filesystem.git/logs
# Remove index for reproducibility; contains timestamps and
# non-deterministic inode numbers.
rm -rf binary/live/filesystem.git/index
$(SUDO) lb binary_linux-image
$(SUDO) lb binary_syslinux \
|| (printf 1>&2 " %s\n" "" \
"If live-build complains about /usr/share/ISOLINUX, or" \
"/usr/share/SYSLINUX, you are likely running a live-build" \
"version without applied." \
"Either upgrade to a version with that patch, or create a" \
"symlink /usr/share/ISOLINUX -> /usr/lib/ISOLINUX and/or" \
"/usr/share/SYSLINUX -> /usr/lib/SYSLINUX." "" \
&& false)
# Copy the template bootloader config, so the config can be
# regenerated on upgrades (but only on an hdd image, since an
# iso-hybrid image is not writable anyway).
if [ "$(TYPE)" = hdd ]; then \
$(SUDO) cp config/bootloaders/syslinux/ binary/boot; \
# Remove hardlinked copies of initrd and vmlinuz that are not
# really needed, but cause problems when generating a FAT image
# (that does not support hardlinks). This happens from
# live-build version 1:20161202, until
# is merged.
$(SUDO) rm -f binary/live/initrd.img-*
$(SUDO) rm -f binary/live/vmlinuz-*
# "Clamp" the time to SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH when the file is more recent to keep
# the original times for files that have not been created or modified during
# the build process:
$(SUDO) find binary -newermt "@$(shell git --git-dir=binary/live/filesystem.git log -1 --pretty=%ct)" -print0 | $(SUDO) xargs -0r touch --no-dereference --date="@$(shell git --git-dir=binary/live/filesystem.git log -1 --pretty=%ct)"
# Build either a .iso or .img file, depending on the configured
# image type
$(SUDO) lb binary_iso
$(SUDO) lb binary_hdd
$(SUDO) lb clean --binary
rm -f webc*.iso webc*.img webc*.txt