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arvida commented Oct 14, 2012

Please let me know more about why this change is preferable to how the page is organized now.

My self, I very much like how the emojis are organised right now. For example all the hands, numbers, smileys and doom faces are grouped which makes them easy to find visually. If they where sorted alphabetically it wouldn't be so easy to find one of the doom faces if you didn't know the :-code for it, now as you see them all grouped its is easier to get an overview.

I am very open to suggestions on how to improve the page, so let me know! 😉

Perhaps it is a personal preference thing, I find the current sorting confusing and always prefer to scan alphabetically.

Perhaps there could be a compromise: some javascript to sort by group or alphabetically? I'm OK leaving the default sort as-is, but then allowing someone to change it. Perhaps using Isotope for some flashy sorting?


arvida commented Oct 16, 2012

Sounds like a interesting idea. If you feel like it, please go a head and investigate.

arvida closed this Jan 20, 2013


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