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  • wifi
  • bathroom
  • CoC
  • remember to tweet
  • cleaning up: We are in a borrowed space
  • thank UCSF
  • thank sponsors
  • Speaking: let others speak: Two people speak once before you speak twice (From Write/Speak/Code)
  • Women's space
  • feedback form


  • RECORD first hour or so of sprint
  • use wimlds channel on gitter for communication
  • go over Git in the morning
  • when attendees ask questions, please answer the women's questions first
  • encourage attendees to follow up on their work; let them know to expect a lot of back / forth, it's part of the process. It is worth the experience to see a PR through to the merge state
  • go over policy of "abandoned / stalled PRs". Better etiquette is to communicate status.
  • remind people to watch their GitHub notifications. (many people use an alternative email address that they do not check often, or it gets filtered into a gmail folder)
  • make edits to User Guide. From Thomas F:

During the sprint, it may be good for attendees read parts of the user guide and make edits if they find it unclear. For attendees with domain expertise, they read specific sections and see what improvements can be made.

  • pair programming
  • if people are working with others (most likely because of pair programming), they should include @mention of other pair programmer in PR submission
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