Is src or srcset the right solution? #64

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For the picture element's source children, @marcosc changed the spec so that the src attribute now accepts an image candiate string.

However, @Wilto has argued this is could prove to be confusing to developers:

I’m not sure about this change, considering that we’re introducing some serious deviation to a long-established attribute—this isn’t a markup pattern that applies to any other use of src, which I find a little strange.
Plus, this is behavior and syntax already handed by the “existing” srcset attribute. I think this stands to muddy the waters a bit, and I’m not sure what the benefits would be.

@yoavweiss also pointed out that it means redefining input type of an attribute (which could also be problematic from an implementation perspective, but we are not sure - we need more implementation feedback).

attiks commented Oct 8, 2012

My 2cents: I would stick with srcset, for the same reason as @Wilto. Is it more difficult to introduce srcset, than redefining src?


@attiks the thing is, people can still do everything they need to do without need of srcset. srcset was only really introduced because the img element doesn't have a media attribute.


Ok, we reached consensus on IRC. The solution is to get the srcset spec to work with <source>. That way, we don't need to specify it separately. Also, it means that <picture><source src> can continue to happily.

@Wilto Wilto closed this Oct 8, 2012
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