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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<ruleset name="WonderNetwork">
<description>The WonderNetwork coding standard.</description>
<arg name="tab-width" value="4"/>
<!-- Include the whole PSR-2 standard: -->
<rule ref="PSR2">
<!-- everything excluded here is part of the PSR2 definition, but we don't
want it -->
<!-- We want the K&R rule below, and this interferes with that -->
<exclude name="Squiz.Functions.MultiLineFunctionDeclaration.BraceOnSameLine" />
<!-- Requires class names start with capital letters. Ours don't and we
don't care. -->
<exclude name="Squiz.Classes.ValidClassName" />
<!-- Requires braces be on the next line from the class declaration. We
want them on the same line. -->
<exclude name="PSR1.Classes.ClassDeclaration" />
<exclude name="PSR2.Classes.ClassDeclaration" />
<!-- Forbids empty `catch` statements in try/catch blocks. We don't want
empty catch statements either, but we'll accept them if there's a
comment explaining why the statement is empty. We handle that case
later. -->
<exclude name="Generic.CodeAnalysis.EmptyStatement.DetectedCATCH" />
<!-- Require functions braces be on the same line and multi-line arguments
are aligned properly:
function thing() {
function stuff(
array $b,
callable $z
) {
<rule ref="Generic.Functions.OpeningFunctionBraceKernighanRitchie"/>
<!-- Forbids empty statements:
if (thing) {
} else {
<rule ref="Generic.CodeAnalysis.EmptyStatement"/>
<!-- Requires a space after typecasting, e.g. `(int) "4"` -->
<rule ref="Generic.Formatting.SpaceAfterCast"/>
<!-- Requires PHP5-style class constructors:
class MyClass {
public function MyClass() // bad
public function __construct() // good
<rule ref="Generic.NamingConventions.ConstructorName"/>
<!-- Requires camel-caps naming for functions -->
<rule ref="Generic.NamingConventions.CamelCapsFunctionName">
<!-- allow things like getMyID zomg two caps next to each other! -->
<property name="strict" value="false"/>
<!-- Forbids pointless string concatenations, e.g. "foo"."bar" -->
<rule ref="Generic.Strings.UnnecessaryStringConcat"/>
<!-- Requires short array syntax, i.e. [] instead of array() -->
<rule ref="Generic.Arrays.DisallowLongArraySyntax"/>
<!-- Requires that include is only used in conditional situations, and
require is used elsewhere. Also forbids parenthesis around the file
being included, because require/include aren't functions. -->
<rule ref="PEAR.Files.IncludingFile"/>
<!-- Forbids Perl-style comments, e.g. # this is a comment -->
<rule ref="PEAR.Commenting.InlineComment"/>
<!-- Require multi-line if conditions to be indented correctly. Also
requires each conditional line to start with a boolean operator, to
improve readability:
if (this
&& that
|| stuff
) {
We customized PEAR.ControlStructures.MultiLineCondition to indent
nested conditionals properly, so instead of this:
if (this
&& (that
|| stuff) // this indentation is visually confusing
) {}
we do this:
if (this
&& (that
|| stuff // way more sensible
) {}
<!-- Forbids whitespace in typecasts, e.g. ( int ) -->
<rule ref="Squiz.WhiteSpace.CastSpacing"/>
<!-- Forbids whitespace before semicolons, e.g. doStuff() ; -->
<rule ref="Squiz.WhiteSpace.SemicolonSpacing"/>
<!-- Requires whitespace around logical operators, e.g. (this && that) -->
<rule ref="Squiz.WhiteSpace.LogicalOperatorSpacing"/>
<!-- Forbids spacing around the concatenation operator, e.g. $this . $that -->
<rule ref="Squiz.Strings.ConcatenationSpacing">
<!-- Allows newlines around concat operators -->
<property name="ignoreNewlines" value="true"/>
<!-- Requires empty catch blocks to have a comment explaining why they're
empty -->
<rule ref="Squiz.Commenting.EmptyCatchComment"/>
<!-- this would force camel caps for variables, but we can't use it because
we pull some variable names directly from the database, which uses
underscores. Drat.
<rule ref="Zend.NamingConventions.ValidVariableName"/>
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