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About is a website where users can build and find their favorite routes for completing in Mythic Plus in World of Warcraft®: Shadowlands™. This repository contains the source code of (most parts of) the website. It is built with Laravel 8.0 using jQuery, PHP and MySql. It uses a ton of other libraries such as Leaflet for map displaying, Puppeteer for thumbnail generation, REDIS for cache, Laravel Echo Server for real-time communication and much, much more.

The website is free to use, now and forever. You may support the development of this website by becoming a Patron on Patreon.


  • Full interactive Leaflet map of all Shadowlands™ dungeons
  • Enhanced dungeon map images to allow for 5 zoom levels
  • Custom dungeon mapping with all known enemies and patrols inside dungeons (updated to 9.0)
  • Full import/export support for Mythic Dungeon Tools strings
  • Route planning functions such as
    • Plotting a path through the dungeon, allowing a route to split up should the need arise
    • Free-drawing of lines
    • Easy creation of pulls of which enemies to kill and optionally where
      • Manage your pull colors by applying a custom gradient
    • Various icons with optional comments to indicate difficult enemies, strategies to use or abilities to use
    • Various publishing options for your route - keep it private, share it with your team or with everyone
    • Attach attributes to your route to give an indication of difficulty (death/invisibility skips or classes required)
  • Collaboration with your group members through Teams
    • Attach routes to a Team for easy sharing with your group members
    • View/edit routes in real-time Google Docs-style, synchronizing your changes to all other viewers or editors
    • Permission management for who can view or edit routes attached to your team
  • User voting; increase visibility of your favorite routes
  • Favorite routes you liked best for easy reference later on
  • Tag routes for managing your stockpile of routes
  • Discover page where you can easily find routes created by other users by clicking around
  • Search function for looking up routes others have made
    • Search by dungeon, affixes, target key level, ratings, author or whether enemy forces have been reached or not
  • An up-to-date overview of upcoming affixes and their time based on your region
  • When not registered, you are free to view any routes found in the search function, or when directly linked by others
    • Temporary routes available in which you can try out your route/the website with no strings attached
  • Log in through Google, Discord or if you don't want to register
  • Mobile friendly!

Patreon features

  • No ads
  • Create animated lines on the map
  • Create unlisted private routes that can be shared with others by link

Not included in this repository

  • Map tiles of all dungeons
  • Software used for creating said map tiles (self-made)


Contribution can be done in a lot of ways in this project! If you got programming or artist skills and wish to contribute, I could use help! Please raise an issue here or send me a dm on Discord (Wotuu#1937) so I can help you get started on something cool!

Security Vulnerabilities

Any security vulnerabilities should be reported directly to myself on Discord (Wotuu#1937) or an e-mail to It is greatly appreciated if you do this prior to mentioning the vulnerability in public.

If you found a security vulnerability, do not abuse the vulnerability for more than is reasonably necessary to confirm the issue exists.


At this time this project has no license attached to it while I explore the options of licensing. If you have any suggestions for a fitting license don't hesitate to raise an issue.


Found an issue? Want to leave some feedback? Can't figure something out? Please drop by on Discord, open an issue on GitHub or send an e-mail to


World of Warcraft, Warcraft and Blizzard Entertainment are trademarks or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. This repository/website is not affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment.


A website where users can build and find their favorite routes for completing in Mythic Plus dungeons in World of Warcraft®: Shadowlands™




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