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Wrap Format

Evert Provoost edited this page Jan 15, 2019 · 1 revision

By default Wrap uses standard Fountain, however when you use the file extension .wrap it parses your script using the Wrap Extensions:

Changing language:

The language mode, is set by a tag in the title page eg.

  • Language: French

(See languages for the standardized translations).

Every language mode should support the English notation for all elements save for Scene, ACT and END OF ACT.

For simplicity's sake the following is in English.


Begin with ACT.
Can be forced by using a % sign at the start of the line.

End of acts:

Starts with END OF ACT.
Can be forced by using %! at the start of the line.


A slug line can now also begin with Scene.

Names can now start with Mc or Mac without having to use @:


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