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An ethereum smart contract event cache. Query your smart contract events in ways that you can't do directly on the blockchain. A helpful development tool or a helpful addition to your production Dapp.

There are three components that dAche uses to track events:

  • Rebase starts from the block the contract was created and imports events from then until the block that the dAche was started at. This is disabled by default since the included contract has a lot of events !
  • Watch listens live for events on the contracts and immediately pulls them in
  • Scan runs at a defined offset from the newest block on chain, and re-imports events from this range. This is to compensate for any missed live events, which can happen.


First copy config/default.example.json and rename to default.json.

By default, dAche will run with an in-memory database (NeDB) to get you up and running quick.

Postgres is also supported, so if you prefer that fill out the storage section of the config file with your database info:

"storage": {
    "type": "postgres",
    "database": "mydb",
    "host": "",
    "password": "password",
    "user": "admin",
    "port": 5432

To start dAche, npm install then npm start.

Example 1: Querying CryptoKittiesCore

There is a simple GraphQL layer for the dAche API implemented.

Visit http://localhost:4000/graphql to view the built-in GrapgQL query interface.

To see the latest events (ordered by newest blocks by default (order: -1):

  events (limit: 10) {

We have implemented example queries to show how you can query the events in a way you can't directly on the blockchain. To query all events by a given return value key/value:

  returnValues (key: "kittyId", value: "5436") {

To see a history (birth, any transfers and any instance where it is a parent) for a given kittyId:

  kittyHistory(kittyId: "1047") {

Example 2: Generating a token holder balances report

This is an example of a non-grapql use of the Dache. This is a GET endpoint that will return all current token holders of a token contract (a csv of address, balance). We have included the XYO Token contract as an example.

Stop the dAche. Update the contractSource.contracts, replace CryptoKittiesCore with XYO. Change rebase.enabled to true. Start the dAche.

Visit http://localhost:4000/balances/XYO and

Historic Events (Rebase)

By default, you will see rebase.enabled is turned off in the config file. If you enable this option, dAche will historically scan all events since contract creation and import them in.

Would not recommend enabling this for the CryptoKittiesCore contract unless you have a big database ;)

rebase.blockScanIncrement is the page size for scanning blocks for events to import. You can adjust this for performance reasons if needed.

Other options

Options for

  • mainnet
  • ropsten
  • rinkeby
  • kovan

To us IPFS to load contracts, update the config to have the following entries:

"contractSource": {
    "type": "ipfs",
    "directoryHash": "QmWA8zB1zkEMGmKnD8PNHrJuQPW5hfV5NrYjYMvB6jB1Ac",
    "host": "",
    "protocol": "https",
    "port": 5002

To use S3 to load contracts instead of a local directory, update the config to have the following entries:

"aws": {
    "accessKeyId": "123",
    "secretAccessKey": "456",
    "region": "us-east-1"
"contractSource": {
    "type": "s3",
    "bucketName": "mybucket",
    "keyPrefix": "abi/mainnet/"

To only load specific contract(s) from a source, include the "contracts" key as noted below

  "contractSource": {
    "type": "local",
    "directory": "./examples/contracts",
    "contracts": [

For the Scan component, you can adjust sync.blockScanOffset. This is how many blocks you want to wait before reimporting events that were picked up live.

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