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reVISION Getting Started Guide 2018.3 (UG1265)

1. Introduction 2. Overview 3. Software Tools and System Requirements 4. Design File Hierarchy
5. Installation and Operating Instructions 6. Tool Flow Tutorials 7. Run the Application 8. Platform Details
9. Known Issues and Limitations 10. Additional References

1. Introduction

The Xilinx™ reVISION stack includes a range of development resources for platform, algorithm, and application development. This includes support for the most popular neural networks including AlexNet, GoogLeNet, VGG, SSD, and FCN. Additionally, the stack provides library elements including pre-defined and optimized implementations for CNN network layers, required to build custom neural networks (DNN/CNN). The machine learning elements are complemented by a broad set of acceleration-ready OpenCV functions for computer vision processing. For application-level development, Xilinx supports industry standard frameworks and libraries including Caffe for machine learning and OpenCV for computer vision. The reVISION stack also includes development platforms from Xilinx and third parties, including various types of sensors. For more information go to the Xilinx reVISION webpage.

1.1. Revision History

This Getting Started Guide complements the 2018.3 version of the following reVISION platforms:

  • ZCU102 Single Sensor
  • ZCU104 Single Sensor
  • 8-stream VCU + CNN
  • ZCU102 MIN
  • ZCU104 MIN

For other versions, refer to the reVISION Getting Started Guide overview page on the Xilinx wiki.

1.2. Change Log


  • Added new 8-stream VCU + CNN platform
  • Updated to 2018.3 SDSoC version
  • Updated to 2018.3 xfOpenCV libraries version
  • Updated to 2018.3 Vivado version
  • Updated to 2018.3 PetaLinux version
  • Removal of video_cmd and addition of new xlnxvideosrc and xlnxvideosink plugins
  • Minor fixes and improvements


  • Updated to 2018.2 SDSoC version
  • Updated to 2018.2 xfOpenCV libraries version
  • Updated to 2018.2 Vivado version
  • Updated to 2018.2 PetaLinux version
  • Minor fixes and improvements

1.3. Support

To obtain technical support for this reference design, go to the Xilinx Answers Database to locate answers to known issues. Go to the Xilinx Community Forums to ask questions or discuss technical details and issues. Please make sure to browse the existing topics first before filing a new topic. If you do file a new topic, make sure it is filed in the sub-forum that best describes your issue or question (for example, Embedded Linux for any Linux-related questions). Please include the platform name (for example, ZCU102 reVISION, ZCU104 reVISION, 8-stream VCU + CNN reVISION, or MIN reVISION) and the release version in the topic name along with a brief summary of the issue.

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