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BicBucStriim streams books, digital books, providing web-based access to your e-book collection.
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BicBucStriim 1.3.6 package for Yunohost

BicBucStriim streams books, digital books. It fills a gap in the functionality of current NAS devices that provide access to music, videos and photos -- but not books. BicBucStriim fills this gap and provides web-based access to your e-book collection.

BicBucStriim is a simple PHP application that runs in the Apache/PHP environment provided by the NAS. It assumes that you manage your e-book collection with Calibre. The application reads the Calibre data and publishes it in HTML form. To access the e-book catalog you simply point your ebook reader to your NAS, select one of your e-books and download it.

  • Check to get everything working.
  • Requires sqlite3, php-gd, php5-intl

sudo apt-get install sqlite3 php5-gd php5-intl


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