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Giki (pronounced “geeky”) is a wiki built on Git (and Rails).

Be warned: this is a proof-of-concept, and is a long way from being ready for production use.

Each project is stored as a directory within db/projects/#{RAILS_ENV}, and is simply a git repository containing a *.markdown file for each page.


  • Rails 2.1

  • Git

  • git and BlueCloth gems

To do

  • Delete pages

  • Add user support so we can put a wiki on a server and have commits happen as different users

  • View the change log for a single page

  • View previous revisions of a page

  • View the changes caused by a commit, in a nice diff format

  • Edit multiple pages and only commit when done

  • Commit a page after editing in an external editor

  • Copy the path of a page (or a project) to the clipboard, so it can be pasted into

  • Support git remotes, and pushing and pulling of projects

  • Allow projects stored elsewhere in the file system

  • Handle a whole directory tree of pages, rather than a flat list

  • Support formats other than markdown

  • Searching

  • Tagging

  • Make the CSS IE6/7 and Firefox 2/3 friendly

  • Make command-S when editing a page submit the form

  • Add a Giki logo to the header

  • Change the URLs from /projects/a/pages/b to just /a/b, at least for viewing pages